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LIVE: Smart Studio Systems Member Appreciation Day!

Friday, 7/15/11, will be a day dedicated to YOU and all our other Smart Studio System Members!

The day will consist of tons of new content and then 3 hours of LIVE Coaching!

It’s going to be a lot of fun and it’s something I’ve wanted to do for you for a while now…


All morning I will be putting up the next THREE powerful S3 Member Only posts that I wrote for you to review and use in your business.

Remember these success posts have been proven to work in my business – I would never give you some made up Facebook ads or postcards like some unethical “fitness marketers” do – it’s a complete waste of your money unless someone is doing it in their fitness business right now!

(See below for post details)


Then for 3 straight hours I will be talking as many questions from you as possible – no questions will go unanswered!

Ask me anything from expanding your business, to creating an LLC, to hiring additional CPTs, to marketing, to training, etc.

Here are the details:

Date: 7/15/11
Time: 1:00pm – 4:00pm EST (LIVE CHAT)
Place:  On this web page in the comment section below

(Feel free to begin leaving your questions now in the comment section, especially if you’re not able to make it during that time. The comment section is where we’ll be chatting live back and forth next Friday for 3 hours.)

Additional Details on the Next 3 Powerful S3 Posts:

POST #1: 3 Simple Add-Ons to Easily Add $500-$1,000+ Every Month

We were literally missing out on hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars every month at my studio by not offering this add-on or option for our clients. It was something they were doing and wanted anyway, so we just systematized the process to take any guess work or thinking out of the equation. This is something I highly recommend putting to work in your business since it doesn’t cost you a penny and the cash from it will allow you to make the payments on a brand new car every month!

POST #2: Powerful Income Accelerator Case Study

This is a special case study video done for one of my private coaching clients (an S3 Member) who was shocked at the results when he completed the task I asked him to do. I will show you what I asked him to do (something I ask all my private coaching clients to do) so that hopefully you can copy it, complete the same task, and use it to dramatically increase your time, money, and energy!

POST #3: “EFT Made Easy”

This is a video by popular member request of how I have clients fill out invoices, input the invoices or charges, and then file them away for easy access. This simple system has allowed me to cut down my processing time to just 30 total minutes a week!


This is very important.

Some of you never signed up for the free Personal Training Business School weekly lessons and you’re definitely missing out!

It is the PERFECT compliment to Smart Studio Systems and it’s free…

What I decided to do is add all S3 Members to the free Personal Training Business School Weekly Lessons (you can obviously opt out any time you want by just clicking the link at the bottom of the email), so that you catch up on these VALUABLE lessons taken from my business.

If you don’t want to wait on checking out all these past PTBS Lessons go to the link below:

Have a great weekend and I look forward to talking with you LIVE next Friday, 7/15/11, at the S3 Member Appreciation Day!

Committed to your success,

Coach Cabral, CSCS, CPT, NS
“2011 Personal Trainer of the Year”
Founder of Smart Studio Systems
Health Contributor for MTV, Men’s Health, NutritionData, Dietcom, Gather, SELF


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  • Christopher Alesi

    I am very disappointed that I missed the live coaching. Where is post #2 located? Also, what do I need to know as I set up an LLC in NJ? Many more questions. Very very happy to be a part of the Smart Studio Group. Thank you for all your help.
    Christopher Alesi

    • Hi Christopher,

      All the new posts are up under the Business Tool Box Category and I will also be sending out an email for each one.

      I’m definitely not an attorney or claim to know law in NJ, but I do highly recommend protecting your business by setting up and LLC or other corporate entity. Please see the S3 post I created for you on this:

      The companies listed within that post will help you navigate the legal system. However, it’s really not that complicated at all and only costs about $450 a year for an LLC. You will have to pay a 1-time set up fee.

      Hope that helps!

    • I will also set up another LIVE Coaching Day in the future so that you can participate… and MAYBE even a LIVE event in Boston later this year!

  • Robert Brown

    Let me know and me and I am coming.

  • Robert Brown

    This isn’t a question, but a huge thank you for doing this today. You helped more than you know.


    p.s. Are you going to have a live event anytime soon?

    • Robert Brown

      I meant in-person

    • Hi Robert,

      I’m glad I could help since that is what I want Smart Studio Systems to be all about. We are actually talking about doing a live event later this year Sept/Oct, but it’s still in the works.

      I’d love to get a bunch of interested S3 Members in a room and really dive in depth about business building strategies… hopefully the stars will align and we can put it together!

  • Did I miss any questions? We still have about 20 minutes left of coaching and I want to make sure I caught all of them.

    Also, I’ll send out another email with all the new post links in case you can’t find them on the S3 Member’s site right away…

  • Robert Brown

    I think this is my last question.

    All of my staff is degreed and pursuing graduate degrees. In fact, one of them is going to Physical Therapy school. My question is there do we attck the marketing with mentioning of the qualified staff? Would you rather just go another direction because of possible staff turn over?

    • Hi Robert,

      You could definitely market that as one key elements (at least for now).

      However, it should only be part of it, since what do people want more – a trainer with a master’s degree or one that has proven he/she can help someone lose 30 pounds in 3 months?

      Remember, always market the BENEFITS the client will receive from working with you!

      So you could combine the 2 elements by stating that your clients get such fantastic results because they are working with the most educated team of fitness professionals in all of (insert your city here).

      One last point because I’m on a role:

      The bullet points in your marketing should always state benefits. For example training with your team will make a client:

      * Get Faster & Stronger in 6 Weeks
      * Beat out the competition
      * Look great in your new jeans
      * Lose 10 pounds your 1st month
      * Lose weight & feel great

      Benefits… mixed with emotion.

  • Hi Todd,

    I agree with Phil and on our website we call ourselves fitness professionals… however in marketing you can’t fight what the general public already has been conditioned to understand.

    When people want a massage therapist are they going to look for a “active release therapist” or a “trigger point specialist”?

    Heck no.

    They’re going to find someone who is a massage therapist.

    Know your market and you will crush it with your marketing…

    Once you get them to your website or in your studio you can write and talk about how you’re different.

    Hopefully that makes sense – Good question.

    • Todd Dattoli

      Thanks Stephen. That makes perfect sense. I’m going back to what I’ve always marketed myself as and bring about the differences later. Thanks for helping me clear up the confusion.

      What do you think about my second question about what are some of the ezine places you recommend that I could get a jump on with the writing. I love to write, and I’ve done tons of writing over the course of my degree as well as my life, now I just need the outlet(s) to let it shine : )

      Thanks Stephen.

      Todd Dattoli

  • Todd Dattoli

    Good point Stephen. I will see if the designer can make the change. The reason I went with fitness professional instead of what I’ve always gone with, which is certified personal trainer, is I was talking to Phil Kaplan one day and he suggested I use that as way to distinguish myself as a true fitness professional and not just a “personal trainer”. What say you about that concept.

    Also, with regard to writing, what would be your advice for some of the better free ezine sites, or should I term it ‘easier’ sites to get articles published on? Are their some better than others that you would recommend?

    I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you for doing this today. Thanks so much Stephen.

    Todd Dattoli

    • is a good one, but I would also just search article submission directories on Google.

      Always make sure you post your article to your website first or Google will NOT give you credit or SEO juice as the original source of the work!

  • Check out this new post I just created on adding an easy profit center to your business that should bring in another $500-$1,000 a MONTH!

  • Hi Robert,

    No worries… We state our fees on our website as well which allows for better quality prospects and no wasting of our time for complimentary fitness consultations. We really only want to sit down with people who are serious.

    Since I charge $10-20 more per session than my CPTs I don’t list that on my website. I put the lower fee. If someone specifically requests to work with me and I have an opening I let them know what the price would be.

    I always try to convince them to work with one of my team members since I am booked up and I’ll still be making a percentage of that session either way.

    You market the personal training as a complete package and 1-on-1 attention. Anyone who cant afford that can do the group training.

    Always make a price option for everyone – never turn anyone away!

  • Robert Brown

    I am not scared to post my fees for personal training are $69.00 per session. We don’t discount it for longer or shorter…that’s just my fees. My question is do you charge more for people to train with you personally?

    Next, the fees stated above are much higher than the normal athletic group training style of training. Do you have a special recipe to change their minds from thinking of the cheaper athletic style training.

    Sorry to ask so much much, but going into the health and fitness side is hard for me.

    Robert L. Brown

  • Robert Brown

    Thank you for the response it was a much needed one. Now, if we don’t have the before and after photo’s, how would adjust the efforts.

    Man I am happy your doing this.

    • Hi Robert,

      I started with ZERO before and afters and so what I did was ask all of my current clients to take an “after” photo now that they were in great shape (or better shape) and then I asked them to email me a photo of when they weren’t in such good shape.

      Some clients only gave me the after, so that’s all I used.

      The bottom line is that a text success story is better nothing, an after photo with text is even better, and a before and after with success story is king of the hill…

      Except of course if you get a live video of them in your studio singing your praises!

  • Todd Dattoli

    Thanks very much Stephen for your comments.

    As for using degree for marketing purposes, I had the people who redesigned my logo also make me a business card that I would take to printer and get printed. On that business card I had them list it like this, what do you think?

    Todd G. Dattoli, M.S., Exercise Science

    ACE Certified Fitness Professional
    IYCA Certified Youth Fitness Specialist

    My contact info is underneath this and at the bottom of the card is my website
    On right corner of card is a small pic of me
    And the left side of card is logo with tagline
    (Peak Condition Fitness)

    Also, what types of writings do you think I could get more wrapped into? I want to get more into writing, publishing, blogs, podcasts, ect, but I really don’t know where to begin, and since I’m a one man show with my small business I don’t really have anyone to bounce off my thoughts. I highly regard your business acumen and really enjoy all your efforts to help us here at Smart Studios, so I thought maybe I would bounce this off you and see what you thought.

    Thanks Stephen, sincerely.

    Todd Dattoli

    • Hi Todd,

      I would write ACE Certified Personal Trainer since that is what most people are looking for and they may not think you’re a personal trainer if it says fitness professional… we need to speak our clients language.

      As for the writing just begin writing!

      I’ve published over 1,100 paid article in magazines, online, etc and the way I got “discovered” was by just writing an article a week for my clients and then publishing it in all sorts of free ezine sites online. Eventually you’ll get enough eyeballs reading your work that people take notice.

      Plus, you’ll need to write at least 30-50 articles before you find your voice and style and for it to really flow…

      Hope that helps!

  • Robert Brown


    I have been training athletes for the last 12 years, but we are starting to offer adult based health and fitness programs. Now, it seems simple, but the folks here seem to only assocaite us with athletics.

    How or what advice to you have to combat this? How would you change the marketing efforts to reflect such an offering.

    • Hi Robert,

      Thank for checking in and I actually have 3 current coaching clients with this exact issue.

      Here’s how we solved it every time.

      Each fitness professional created a “separate division” of their company that does personal training and not athletic based conditioning. Then they marketed that aspect of their company on the website and through promotional materials.

      What I’d recommend is getting your name out there in the community at the go-to personal training center through doorhangers, rack cards, and other guerilla tactics aimed at awareness.

      Make these separate ads only talking about your weight loss or body transformation personal training programs. This way the athletes will know you for athletic training and personal training clients for training.

    • I also highly recommend sending out an “in-house” email and ad to all current clients and their parents offering them a special on your new personal training programs.

      2 of my coaching clients did this and now their personal training program is TWICE as big as everything else they offer… remember more people can afford personal training (because athletes have no money for the most part unless someone else is paying!)

  • Todd Dattoli

    Hi Stephen,

    In 2 weeks I will officially finish my academic studies and graduate with my Master’s Degree in Exercise Science and Human Performance. I wonder what your thoughts would be on how to parlay this academic aspect into ways to enhance ability to make more money both within my current business and in some possible new ventures? Any ideas you have would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    Todd Dattoli

    • Hi Todd,

      I always knew my Smart Studio Systems Members were a little brighter than the average trainer ; )

      Congrats on the degree and you can definitely use it to your marketing advantage. I highly recommend using it directly after and below your name in your marketing and writing.

      For expmple you would write:

      Todd Dattoli, MS, CPT
      Master’s Degree in Exercise Science and Human Performance
      Owner of Todd Dattoli Personal Training

      Does that make sense? Basically you’re showing you’re a cut above in terms of education without being to “showy”…

  • Sherry Trebes

    Thanks for doing this live Steve. I am currently in school to earn my holistic health certificate, nutrition based. What ideas do you have for me to include this in my personal training business?

    • HiSherry!

      That’s fantastic that you’re going for your holistic health certificate (now you’re talking my language!) and you can easily mesh this into your personal training.

      Holistic health encompasses proper input through nutrition and output through detoxification, and it just so happens sweating and exercising is a great way to detox. Plus, you’ll be working with people on biomechanical postural alignment which strength training and integrative flexibility also helps with.

      Any other specific questions on how you can get them to work together?

    • Sherry Trebes

      Steve, I was wondering about incorporating the holistic aspect onto the business card, website, marketing material. So you think this is a good idea or would that make the business card and other materials too busy?

    • Hi Sherry,

      I see no issue with you adding a signature line just like I mentioned to Todd:

      Sherry Trebes, HHC, CPT
      Certified Personal Trainer
      Holistic Health Practioner

      (change it to the name of your website of course…)

      As i mentioned before it’s not like you’re an accountant and a personal trainer… these 2 fields work synergistically and perfectly with one another!

  • Also, if you can’t make it today from 1-4pm EST please feel free to email your questions or post them in this comment section and I’ll be sure to get back to you!

  • Leave your questions in THIS comment area and I will answer all of them LIVE on 7/15/11.

    Be sure to join me – I look forward to speaking with you then!

    • Sherry Trebes

      Thanks for doing this live Steve. I am currently in school to earn my holistic health certificate, nutrition based. What ideas do you have for me to include this in my personal training business?