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Once you begin growing your team you will need another computer for your team members (or assistant) to use to write up client programs, check email, and keep up with client management. Luckily, you don’t have to break the bank when it comes to getting a new computer if you know where to look. In this post I will show you how to get a new laptop or desktop computer for under $299.

I’ll make this a quick post and get right to the point, but saving a few hundred dollars (or a thousand dollars) is like making a few hundred dollars, so if you can get a serviceable computer inexpensively then why not choose it over a pricier model.

First of all, even the lower end laptops and desktops now are light years ahead of the top models just 5 years ago, so you shouldn’t believe that a lower end model laptop won’t functional that well.

The other thing is that your CPT team isn’t going to be gaming on it or streaming 2 hour movie feeds… Therefore, there’s little need to go with a top of the line computer when you only need something that can check email, surf the web, watch YouTube videos, and write Word and Excel documents.

I also recommend an inexpensive PC even if you’re only using the Yahoo Website Building Program I recommend (see other resource post on this). For $299 you can have a separate computer that you only do your website building and/or email on. If you have a Mac, like I do this situation works out great since I can keep my web work separate from everything else I do (Yahoo Sitebuilder does not work on a Mac).

Okay, so now let’s get into where you can find these models.

You won’t typically see them for sale at Best Buy or another local electronics shop, but you can find them wholesale distributers like the company “Micro Center.”

You can also find others online by typing your keyword phrase into

(By the way, I use Nextag to do comparison pricing/shopping for EVERYTHING!)

Here are a few models that I’ve personally seen for $299 or less:

eMachines: 2GB memory and 160GB hard drive (laptop)

Acer Aspire One: 1GB memory and 160GB hard drive (laptop)

Compaq Presario: 3GB memory and 500GB hard rive (desktop)

At my studio, we have a Compaq desktop and a refurbished (with warranty) Dell laptop in the trainer’s office.

In my studio office I bring in my portable Dell XPS and at home I have an iMac and iPad. My wife also has an Apple iBook laptop, so between the 2 of us we have 4 computers… somehow we really do use all of them ; )

Anyway, I hope this post helps save you a few hundred dollars on your next computer purchase!


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