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Another way to protect your personal assets is to set up a simple LLC or other type of corporation. I personally consider this a must. Here’s the company I use…

The original company I used made it super simple to complete this process.

Their name is “The Company Corporation”

The website is:

Although it’s not cheap to set up an LLC ($97 – $600 depending on your state, etc) it’s worth it… you never know what type of evil person may one day take out their issues on you.

Also, if you live in MA you can have “The Law Offices of Michael B Cabral” take care of your filing. Did you notice the last name ; )

He said that he will give any of my private coaching clients a discount on setting up LLCs, Tradmark (any state), and other legal contract work.

His private email is:

Just mention you are a coaching client of mine and he will take care of you. This is only for S3 members…

Also, just for full-disclosure I set up each one of my companys in an LLC so that each one is only liable for the profits of that one company!


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  • Hi Bobby,

    I go with the basic/economy since everything else is just an add-on.

    The basic will incorporate your company and make you official.

    Obviously, the call is yours and you can choose to upgrade if you’d like. I’m just letting you know what I do…

  • Robby Blanchard

    Steve, I’m looking at the site and they offer 3 different levels of LLC’s. The prices range from 600 up to 900…which one would u recommend?

  • My friends – the site is not complete!

    As new charter members you got a 50% off discount to grow with the site and enjoy an area-exclusive license.

    You will have EVERYTHING in good time…

    I appreciate your patience and understanding in the fact that we already have OVER 60 POSTS and that I can only type and film video so quickly ; )

    Thanks again for your support!

  • Jonathan Wong

    Hi Steven, I cant find the info about hiring staff, where is it? thanks