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This is the company I now use to host all my web videos. It costs me pennies per GB instead of the $1 per GB I used to pay! This will definitely save me hundreds per month which is great – especially since it’s fairly easy to set up and use. Check out the 2 companies now and start saving money->

So this is exactly how I host my videos:

Step 1:

I signed up at this web hosting company… you may have heard of them. They’re a little company called “” They’ve been around for a little while and I think they’re catching on ; )


Step 2:

Although Amazon S3 is a little too complicated for me to try to figure out, there is an easy way to get around it. Pretty much everyone uses this secondary company to make the process easier.

They’re called “EZS3”

Here’s the link for their site:

>>> eZs3

I use them, Ryan uses them, and so does everyone else…

Here’s how it works:

You sign up at Amazon S3 1st, then you sign up at EZS3 for an account with them (you will need your Amazon S3 account info).

EZS3 then allows you to do everything through their membership site for $20 a month plus the cost of bandwith needed when viewers watch your videos. You will upload all your videos right through EZS3 and will never need to touch your Amazon S3 account again…

I cannot estimate what you will pay and it will vary widely depending on how many GBs your video is and how many views you get… It could be $20 for your membership + another $20 in bandwith fees… or another $100 if you get a thousand or so views per month.

Either way, EZS3 offers a free trial (or $1) so if you need a service for private videos that you only want a specific audience to watch I would check them out.

Here’s their link again:

>>> eZs3

I hope this saves you a few hundred dollars (or thousand) a year like it is doing for me!

P.S. I will NEVER refer any resources that I do not PERSONALLY use.

(You have my word and if I ever feel there is a resource worth noting I will mention up front that I do not use them)

P.P.S. I will most likely NOT be able to answer your questions on how to use these resources since I am not the owner of the company of an IT professional. However, most of the sites that I belong to like EZS3 have video tutorials that I can watch and follow along with. If it’s too time consuming I outsource it to my assistant.


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  • Jeremie Guarderas

    I have not posted any videos yet but I do plan to – I thought if I send my video to my web guy they could just post it where I want them to…. Am I missing something?

    • Hi Jeremie,

      You have to find a place to host your video.

      That means you can either choose a free source like YouTube or Viddler (but those a public for the most part and that means anyone can view them).

      When you want to host private videos like I do for this S3 Member Website you must find a private host like Amazon.

      I use both methods depending on the ultimate goal of the video.

      Hopefully that helps!