How to Get Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint) for Free!

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This post alone should save you about $199 for each computer you typically use Microsoft Office on. It’s a special type of freeware that you can instantly download and begin using right away. The cool thing is that you can save the files as Microsoft “.doc, .xls”, etc files. The programs even look and function the same – just without the Microsoft logo. Basically, some really smart software engineers didn’t feel like everyone should have to pay $199 for Microsoft Office for their computers so they wrote up all the programs and gave them to everyone to download online for free (don’t you just love the internet). My web designer was nice enough to share this with me and now I’m passing it along to all the Smart Studio Systems Members!

The other great thing is that you can save files in all sorts of different formats and the software can be used on both PCs and MACs.

The software is called Open Office and you can begin using their programs by downloading it at the link below:


Enjoy, I hope this saves you some money in the future like it has for me!


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  • I told my training team about this “freeware” as well and now they can write client programs from home and save them as Excel documents to email and print from the studio!