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Here’s the companies I’ve used and the process I go through to develop a high-performing, well thought out logo. Make sure you do this creative thinking outline and follow the “elements of great logo design” before making the leap to have your logo created!

Here’s the list to fill out and make sure you provide it to any designer that you plan t work with – the more details you give them the better your design will be in the end (and the happier you’ll be!).

Logo Design Elements:

  1. Special Font (if any):
  2. Type of Logo (Textual/Iconic/Illustrative):
  3. Target audience :
  4. Preferred Colours :
  5. Colours to be AVOIDED :
  6. How many colours should the logo have? (B&W, 1 color, 2 color, or 4 color):
  7. What mood should it convey (professional, coach, medical, etc):
  8. Competitors Link (if any) & your thinking :
  9. Reference to any designs you like from your designer’s portfolio:
  10. Other website/company logos that you like:
  11. Other Information :


Also, here are the companies I’ve used and can recommend:



If you haven’t heard of 99 Designs before they’re a pretty cool company that allows you to have dozens of designers bid on your project by actually posting their designs online for you to rate them before you pay!

You can even chat back and forth with the designers and let them know if they’re “hot or cold” when it comes to creating something you’re looking to pay for… and if you don’t like the designs you don’t pay for them.

In the end of the 99 Designs process you’re just looking to choose ONE design you like, but you could pay for multiple ones if you choose to by contacting the designer.

With you post a project and then choose your designer based on their bid and their portfolio.

Both are great and pretty cheap!

(I typically pay between $150 – $300 for a great logo)

Also, feel free to add your favorite logo design resource that you’ve used to the comment section below!


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  • Liliann Bailey

    I’ve used quite a bit and have been pleasantly surprised with the quality of work provided for $5. There’s several artists that specialize in caricatures, here’s a link:

    Each vendor has been rated by past clients, who also provide comments about their experience. This helps narrow down your pick, because there are a lot of vendors to choose from. Even if you’re disappointed with the outcome of your project, it’s only $5 out of your Latte allowance…

    Warning: This site can be addicting!

    • Hi Liliann,

      Thanks for the tip and I totally agree – Fiverr is addictive!

  • Hi Chris,

    I got my caricature created by a guy named Vince Palko:

    If you email him just tell him Coach Cabral referred you… he may just give you a price break!

    Hope that helps!

  • Tina Davis

    I used and got my logo for $50 and it was done is less than 30 days after I finally liked the colors and design.

    • Sounds great! All of those outsourcing sites are “hit ot miss,” but I’ve found to be an excellent resource…

  • Thanks Tina – I try!

  • Tina Davis

    tks for listening to my last question about a logo.. you really care about us folks!!! 🙂

    • Christopher Alesi

      Can Anyone tell me where to have a Blue-Toon Caricature Logo done of themselves?
      Stephen has one, its pretty cool to have at times.Help?