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Every Holiday season I like to get every member of my studio a little something from me to them (this is mainly for the client’s I don’t personally work with). Obviously when you have over 100 clients you can’t buy anything too outrageous or you’ll go broke. So here’s a list of items I’ve given away and that my studio clients have absolutely loved. Plus, since I order in bulk I can then use them to give to new clients who sign on in the New Year!

In the past few years I have given away these items:

T-shirt with Studio Logo

Towel with Studio Logo

Coffee mug with studio logo

And this year, I’m giving away SIG BPA-free stainless steel water bottles! These babies retail at $20 so clients love them.

Guess how much I paid?

I looked around everywhere and could only find them for $6-8 each, which was way too much…

Then I went to and found them for only $2.74 each!

That’s a huge deal and something clients will love.

I’ve also worked with “Kim” for screening projects at the company below:

Screen Printing USA 3120 Pike Street Harrisburg, PA 17111
717.564.7464 fax 717.909.8820

Remember, little things like this as well as personally written cards go a LONG way in showing your clients you appreciate them AND their business…

12/14/09 UPDATE:

I’ve also use Best Promotions to purchase coffee mugs with our studio logo on them. This company had all sorts of cool things to imprint your studio name on..



Hope this helps!



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  • Liliann Bailey

    Do you use Screen Printing for your t-shirts as well? What’s the approx. cost?

    • Hi Liliann,

      We used DiscountMugs for the T-shirt printing and they cost about $5 a piece – I believe we ordered about 100 to get that price. We are looking into other companies as well, but Discount Mugs was great and we went with the grey Anvil t-shirt with black writing.

  • Jeremie Guarderas

    That’s an amazing price! I thought $5 per water bottle was a good deal! Thanks – I am on it!

    • That’s what it’s all about – Saving money is the same as making money!

  • Joel Gottehrer

    where did you get your towels from thanks

    • Hi Joel,

      It’s in this post under screenprinting:

      Screen Printing USA 3120 Pike Street Harrisburg, PA 17111
      717.564.7464 fax 717.909.8820

      Hope that helps!