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I get a lot of requests for “Sign-Up Buttons” for Smart Studio Systems Member’s websites, so I figured everyone could benefit from having a free link to over 250 FREE website buttons and icons that you can save and begin using right away on your website. A professional website appearance can go a long way to persuading a potential client choose you over a competitor… after all they haven’t met either of you yet and all they have to go on is their “gut” feeling. Check out the link below for the link to free buttons and icons for your website:

Here’s the link:

I checked them and they look really useful so I hope they can help you improve your website if you are undergoing an overhaul…

Some of them may only be able to be opened through Adobe Photoshop and if you do not have or use that program you could always use the exact ones I chose for my website (attached below for your convenience as compliments of yours truly ; )

(Just right click on the image and save it to your computer)

Button #1:

S3 Button - arrows




Button #2:





*After you save these images you can just type whatever message you would like your prospects to see when they land on your web page (type the message on top of the actual button image). I typically write “Get Started Today!” to entice potential clients to fill out my online PARQ which then pre-qualifies then as a strong candidate for signing up for training…

I hope these tips and images help and I’ll talk with you soon!


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