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Here are the companies I use to purchase direct mail addresses to specifically target new client leads. I’ve found them to have updated lists and if you’ve never done a mailing before they’ll make you feel comfortable and right at home by explaining the whole process. Check out who I use at the lowest rate I’ve found ->

I’ve probably gone through a half dozen direct mail companies.

Here’s who I’ve used in the past:

  • Melissa Data (great for demographics look-ups)
  • InfoUsa (most comprehensive mailing lists)
  • Postcard Mania (excellent, but slightly more expensive to print)
  • NextDay Flyers (they just recently opened up their mailing department)
  • Real Estate Brokers (they can get me names and addresses to current apartment and condo building owners)


So, although I’ve used all of the companies above and think they’re great (I didn’t list the ones who were terrible) I currently use Next Day Flyers and InfoUSA.

International S3 Members can get referrals from those 2 companies above and you can also do a Google search for direct mailing companies or postcard mailing companies.

One last point is that it does cost money to either buy or rent a list. I typically buy the list because then I own the names and the company sends me an Excel spreadsheet with all the names and addresses (note: you must ask or they will conveniently forget to send it to you ; )

Plus, I only have to pay ONCE for the list and I can use it however I’d like after that.

Hopefully this post saves you time, energy, money, and the headaches of having to research companies on your own!


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  • John Heary

    Hi Stephen,
    What criteria do you use for building your mailing list? ie: income, single family home, etc What criteria has yielded you the best results?


    • Hi John,

      I use:

      Both men and women
      Own their own home
      Make at least 80K per year (but my area has many affluent people and other areas would charge less and so you could lower this total)
      * Start at 1/2 mi from location and keep working out until you reach 2,000 – 5,000 names.

      Good luck!

    • This can also be tweaked – and should be. If you get a lot of names, keep raising the income criteria and shrinking the radius around your facility until you get 2,000 names. That’s the max I would mail to initially.

      However, if you know affluent zip codes, the USPS will now allow you to direct mail for just .14 per postcard I believe and this would allow you more reach… only testing will let you know what works best!

  • Lisa Wenzloff

    Do you buy the list then print labels in house and then mail them? WOuldn’t that be more than the direct mail companies?

    • Hi Lisa,

      I would rent the list if you only plan on mailing 1-2x a year. This way the list is always fresh and up to date. If you’ll be mailing every 6 weeks, then you must weigh the cost versus time spent creating your own labels.

      However, if you’re a one (wo)man show then renting the list and using a company like will save you a ton of time, so I would just do that…

      Hope this helps!

    One thing I should add is that you will save about 10 cents or more per postcard on postage when you have the company mail them… they can save you money because they get BULK shipping rates from the post office.

  • The reason I use Next Day Flyers so much is because they print my materials (and yours!) dirt cheap AND they also have mailing addresses. Basically, they’re a one stop shop for postcard mailing…