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Many people want to know where I go to have my professional websites created… For me it’s really been a trial and error process over the last 6 years. I’ve wasted over $5,000 on sites I was never able to use and hopefully after reading this post you won’t have to go through what I did…

Here’s exactly what I do:

But first a little horror story that may save you some headaches…

My first website was a “trade” with a designer that created a website for me in exchange for me training his wife. It seemed cool at first and I ended up trading 6 sessions for a professional website.

Here’s where it got UGLY:

I ended up getting a letter 3 years after the site was created letting me know I was being SUED for using copywritten images.  Now keep in mind I didn’t choose any of the images – my designed DID!

Anyway, it was a long drawn out battle but I didn’t have to pay for any of it because that business was set up in an LLC (remember I said this was important!) and it was the designer’s doing.

So now here’s what I do currently:

I used to design my own websites using either 1and1 or Yahoo Website Builder (I prefer this one currently).

Now, I only design my squeeze pages because I am too busy training clients and working with private business coaching clients as well.

I’ll either sub a job out on or have my new exclusive designer create all my super professional websites like the one your currently on.

I’ve actually has good luck posting jobs/gigs on, but I’d stay away from posting a job on because you’ll literally get HUNDREDS of emails that you’ll have to sift through to try and find someone…

The key is to look at a designer’s portfolio and see if they have experience with what you are looking to create. Remember, they also don’t have the vision that is in your mind right now, so you will have to spell everything out for them.

Be specific:

  • What colors should the site mainly be?
  • Are you supplying the logo?
  • Will there be any Aweber or other code to insert
  • Do you want them to add Google Analytics code from your account?
  • What is the site about?
  • What mood do you want to convey?
  • How many pages will it be?
  • Will you be supplying all the copy (writing)?
  • Will you be supplying all the images?
  • Do you just want a template created?
  • Will it be a full website, blog, membership site, etc?
  • Will you need to take online order?

The list goes on and on, and the more specific you are in the beginning the better your quote will be and the happier you’ll be with the end result!

Also, I know a few of you don’t have a great website yet or want to revamp your old one so I’ll talk with my personal web designer and programmer to see if he can fit in ONE client per month in addition to maintaining and updating all my sites.

I want to help as many people as I can, but with all the time restrictions I know we’ll only be able to help one person per month. Also, this is ONLY open to S3 members – no firends, etc.

So if you’re interested just leave a comment below with what you are looking for (squeeze page, full website, blog, membership site, etc) and I will get back to you after I talk it over with my designer.

Lastly, I’ll put up another post on how to get a logo done for cheap and NOT PAY for it until you approve it…


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  • Donald Pacheco

    Hi Stephen,

    I have just Joined S3. I am looking at getting a new website. Can your Personal Web designer Help me design? Let me know.


    • Hi Don,

      I’m happy to help.

      Please look over my website and see if like that design. It’s the one I’m recommending right now (over because it’s converting the best. I think it’s probably because it’s simple to use and looks professional.

      The cost varies, but is around $2,900 for the whole site with header, images, etc. You’ll just need to provide the writing and images. The great thing about these custom WordPress sites is that you get to add pages anytime you want without having to always pay a designer!

      If this price works within your budget, I will contact him and see what his timeline is. It’s usually about a 2-3 week process as long as you have all your text copy and images ready to go…

  • Trent Kaiser

    Hey Steve,
    I’m currently relaunching my website and was wondering what theme you used for WordPress?

  • Heather Hall

    Hi Steve!
    I run a bootcamp program that is small (no more than 15/class) and I want to create a private membership site for them where I can upload pictures, video, content, etc, just stuff to increase the value of my program. Have you had any experience with WordPress, as they say you can create a membershi site using them. I’m also wondering if Blogger is another option. I’m not very computer savy, so wondering if i should just go to and hire someone to do it. Obviously i’d like to save on cost, but know that can be more of a headache than just spending the money to have it done for you. Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks!

    • Hi Heather,

      I would NOT recommend – only use WordPress based sites for Membership access. They are the most customizable (I’ve used TypePad and others). Plus, you’re on a customized WordPress Blog and has gotten rave reviews in its simplicity and ease of use by industry insiders as well as our 230+ S3 members. is an excellent place to find a designer.

      Hope that helps!

    • Heather Hall

      Thanks so much Stephen! I appreciate your suggestions and have been working on a WordPress site. Defintely need to hire someone to help me with it and not try to do it all myself. You have great content and ideas and I love this program! Thanks again!

  • Hi Joel,

    I’m assuming you’re in this as a career, so I would have a web designer create a professional site for you after you’ve come up with what you want it to look like. Plus, your website is your HUB where all prospects go to read more about your services and come up with their own summary of who you are before ever contacting you…

    I can’t stress enough how important a professional website is in attracting new clients!

    If you don’t want to spend the money right now I would just put up a small 5 page site that looks clean and neat through Yahoo or 1and1.

    I hope that answered your question…

    • Joel Gottehrer

      Yes it did. Thanks a mil, I will do just that,

  • Hi Joel,

    I know of them, but I just don’t like paying a monthly fee after it’s been created… that’s just me.

    • Joel Gottehrer

      Hi Stephen,
      I agree, however my question to you is. Would you recommend for me to pay a designer to design a website even when you are in the business a year or two since it could make a big difference in attracting future clients ? or would you recommend trying to design your website through yahoo website builder like u mentioned above since I am still pretty new and it will be good enough for a beginner?

      thanks again

  • Joel Gottehrer

    1) Ever heard of Chris McCombs or Bedros? Well they are promoting this website desgined to design your fitness website, well of course they are making commission and all,
    but would I want to spend 4-5 grand on that ? Is it really worth it? not to mention crazy monthly fees.

    Maybe Im new to this and that is really what they cost
    please let me know your thoughts

    Thanks in advance.

  • Jan Wyche

    Hi Stephen,

    I am looking to build a full site. I have a domain name, but I haven’t started to build it yet as it sometimes seems overwhelming. Any assistance or guidance from you or your designer would be greatly appreciated.



  • Hi Raymond,

    Use my copy as an example, but never plagiarize (copy)… it would hurt both of our websites.

    Google does NOT like to see that and will bash you when it comes to website rankings.

    • Raymond Hinish

      Yes, thanks. I was looking to use certain components of your site as a model for ours. Is there any particular features of your site that have been extremely effective? Certain headers, wordage, etc?

    • Yes, make sure to use a strong headline like I do that matches what the page is all about.

      Also, include bullet points to break up the text paragraphs. This will visually allow for easier readership and a higher conversion of people taking the time to skim/read your information.

      Also, always use a “get started” or “free consultation” link at the bottom of every page!

  • If any of you are interested in web design I would highly recommend writing the copy for 5 pages:

    1. Home Page

    2. About Us

    3. Programs/Services

    4. Success Stories

    5. Contact Us

    I would also write out a 1 page summary (bullet points if you’d like) of all the elements you’d like to see on the site.

    Plus, you’ll want to point your designer (or mine of you choose to) to the sites you’d like it to look like…

    Basically, you want to gather as much information as possible so that you don’t have to go back and forth as many times editing – which will save you money in the long run… and you’ll be happier!

  • Tina Davis

    I am interested in web design all you have listed in this post. I need help

  • Raymond Hinish

    Hey Stephen, thanks for everything! I am finding your material very helpful. I was wondering if we could use some of the copy from your studio website to help populate some of our pages. Your Guarantee, for example, as well as the copy from the “why us” pages? They would, of course, be tweaked for our specific market and needs but I am assuming that the material is tried and true.