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Don’t even think about placing a new equipment order without contacting me! I can save you 10-25% off equipment orders and if you’re expanding or opening a new facility this can save you well over $10,000! I have saved many coaching clients tens of thousands with my private connections. If you are an S3 member and are placing a fairly large order or need help finding the best deal possible through my research and connections just email me for details!

Subject: Equipment Order Savings


10% Discount on Power Systems Catalog/Online Equipment

I spoke with Nikki Ward over at Power Systems and she is having my coaching clients (this includes you) call call their Commercial Sales department at 1-800-321-6975 ext 1013. You will need to let the representative know that they were referred by me and reference project code 2010150.

Just let them know you typically order from company “X” and you would like to bring your business to Power Systems and the 10% Discount will make it worth your while…


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  • Linda Black

    Hi Steven,
    Do you have an equiptment provider/supplier for your Canadian clients?

    • Hi Linda,

      I will look into additional companies, but Perform Better and Power Systems do ship to Canada. I have 2 private coaching clients in Ontario and Vancouver and both are able to get deliveries from them.

    • Linda Black

      Thanks Steven, I’ll check them out.

  • Mike Salvietti

    hey stephen. This is going to be a looooong one so brace yourself. But perhaps my question will spur a new post.

    To start I need to tell you that I am a badass mother F@#$er. I know that’s a weird way to start a question and may come off as a bit cocky and perhaps pompous but let me explain.

    I started a fitness bootcamp off of $300 INDOORS renting space from a gymnastic studio back in November of 2009 Right after thanksgiving during the holidays, during the worst economic times in the last decade. I was 20 years old at the time.

    I had nothing but little by little out of my own pocket I built that bad boy up to a monster. I have 210 active clients right now in my fitness bootcamp and lease a 4,000 facility with a 2500 square foot bootcamp room, 3 changing rooms, 700 square feet of unused space and 2 offices. Once again all out of pocket.

    It helped that I got a nice hunk of change from a huge product launch I did with my personal business coach at the time 7-figure Sam. We both partner launched the product 7-figure e-mails. After all was said and done I got a nice $13,000 check to do build out and some equipment etc.

    Right now with costs of running my business I am just about breaking even, but living a great lifestyle. 3 employees, 2 of which are trainers and an assistant allow me to take vacations with my gf etc.

    I am at a point though where I am having difficulty taking my facility to the next level. I was interested in taking out a small business loan to build out the 700 square foot space I have extra and make it personal training. I have a warm e-mail list and know i could immediately, realistically have 20 clients on top of fitness bootcamps.

    I am terrified of having to owe money to anybody. I only have 1 credit card that has a $750 limit and never use it. Could you perhaps do a post on how to get a great business loan and a strategy for paying it off? That one post would literally take everything I have done to the next level.

    Love you bro and appreciate you.

    – mike Salvietti

    • HI Mike,

      I have to tell you that I personally love confident people – they have great energy and a little cocky doesn’t bother me either… so when I saw that you wrote, “I need to tell you that I am a badass mother F@#$er.” I was dying laughing and said, “I like this guy already!”

      You don’t need a long explanation from me, my friend, since you have the right idea. With over 200 bootcampers, I always tell my coaching clients you will be able to get at least 10% of those people to ALSO do 1-on-1 coaching. At 2x a week average that equals 40/sessions a week (20 sign-ups) or 160s a month, which equals $11,000 a month of about 122,000 a year (at $69/session)…

      That’s not a bad start!

      Remember, EVERY bootcamp owner needs to start doing 1-on-1… I’ve been preaching this for 4 years! 1-on-1 is NOT dead and is was never dead.

      (Although we need to keep this a secret and let everyone else keep opening up small group training and bootcamp only facilities)

      Plus, YOU don’t need to be the one doing the 1-on-1 sessions. You can hire a CPT for those sessions and pay then 50% of what you charge. Everybody wins and you make another $60K a year to start for not doing anything except the initial start up and acquisition of clients.

      Can’t charge $69/session in your area? No problem, charge $39 for a 30-minute session and now you make $78/hr.

      Mike, I know you’re not part of the crowd that is always making excuses, but in general most people’s “can’t do” mindset severely limits what they can do…

      In terms of building out your space start with 5K worth of functional equipment, dumbbells, 1/2 squat rack, and maybe cables (the things that bootcampers don’t get to play with so it will entice them to see what else there is), and then add a piece or 2 of equipment each month.

      Take your badass self to the next level and I better see you submission next year for the Smart Studio Systems Member of the Year Contest!

      Let me know if you have any questions and although I am not taking on any new coaching clients, if you want to do a coaching call on how to set this up correctly before investing a lot of money in the new space, I’d be happy to work with you on it. Or, ideally check out the event Sam and I are putting on for 25 people in September – it’s going to be fierce!

    • Linda Black

      Great to see you here Mike!


  • I just got a question on ordering specialty equipment like Keiser spinning bikes and air compressed machines.

    I love the wall-mounted single column machines – they save space and no one has them in town!

    My private contact over at Keiser equipment is Don Callahan.

    He can give you the best price at a discount on Keiser equipment:

    Don Callahan
    cell – 617-872-6027

    Just let him know Coach Cabral from Boston referred you…

  • Hi Terry,

    Working on many of the videos over the next 2 weeks. I will get them up as soon as humanly possible!

  • Terry Ford

    Looking forward to seeing the layout of your studio Stephen – your home base. Any chance the heart of your business will be at the top of what we get a chance to see? Having a great time viewing what is currently available! Thanks for the opportunity.

  • This offer is currently good for larger orders, BUT let me check with my connections and I will see if they’ll give you the same discounts for smaller orders under $100…

  • David Hoffmaster

    What about individual pieces of equipment? I already have most of what I need, can you post the best places to get small quantities?