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This is one of my favorite resources for continuing my business education and self-improvement process. I’ve ordered over a dozen products from this site and I love their 30 day free trial period…

Did you guess the company yet?

I’m sure you’ve heard of them since they ONLY carry BIG NAME authors and man of their products are exclusives that you can’t get anywhere else…

The company name is Nightingale Conant and they are one of the ORIGINALS in self-improvment: Click Here 

Also, here are some of my favorite authors of their NC audio products:

  • Jay Abraham (master businessman)
  • Anthony Robbins (master motivator)
  • The Einstein Factor (improve your natural intelligence)
  • NLP (conquer any fear holding you back)
  • Wealth Without a Job (overall business-life development)
  • The Millionaire Mentor (smart business man shares his philosophy)
  • Spring Forrest Qi Gong (Qi Gond – not business)
  • Zig Zigler (funny, motivational speaker – classic)
  • The Slight Edge (how to succeed in business)
  • Joe Vitale (metaphysical master)

Also, S3 Members please share your favorites by Nightingale Conant – I’m sure we could all benefit from your reviews. I will also put up a post on “Favorite Books” that you can add your favorites to in the comments section. I read about a book a week and I’m ALWAYS looking for NEW recommendations!


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  • David McIlhenney

    Could you give a short list of business books you recommend. I read the two books that you gave us at the seminar. They were very good. Just wanted to see what else I could pick up.

    • Hi David,

      I recommend all the books listed above (actually any books by those authors are great).

      Plus, anything on Nightgale Conant is usually worth the money.

      I always have at least 2 books (one health and one business) going at all times. I also keep an audio program in my car for when I travel… it all adds up!

      I will continue to post additional books that have read.

      I also enjoy books to increase your “awareness” such as “The Magic of Believing” or any of the original power of the mind based books/lectures.

      Will be back with updates on this soon!

  • Great tip – thanks Raymond I’ll have to check it out!

  • Raymond Hinish

    Hey guys, I am a Nightingale junky. They have an insider’s club which is a monthly fee and allows you to purchase two programs every month at $9.95 each in addition to other perks. Check it out.

  • I forgot to add Joe Polish (marketing) and Brian Tracy (sales) to the list. Their products are great!