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Don’t make the mistake of not following up with potential clients. VERY FEW people will actually sign up the first time they visit your website. YOU MUST capture their information to follow up with them on autopilot… Click below to use the ONLY Auto Responder I recommend:

Here is the ONLY AutoResponder Company I recommend:

>>> Aweber Autoresponders and Lead Capture Forms

The reason I like Aweber so much is that they don’t try to be 500 different things. They do ONE THING really well – better than anyone else AND they keep making improvments.

The newest thing they just added was beautifully designed client name capture forms – they literally let you pick from about 30 different professional designs.

All you have to do is type in the information you want to capture and then you can just copy the html code to insert on your webpage.

PLUS, if you ever make any edits to your “forms” you don’t need to go back into your website to enter new code. It’s like magic – once you make the changes within Aweber the code on your website linking back to your aweber account is already changed – automatically!

Pretty sweet stuff and the best part is that you can eventually segment your “lists.” This means that you can email and set up autoresponders for all your different niches so that ONLY the people you want to get a specific message or offer get it.

Like anything there’s a small learning curve involved, but Aweber makes it easy – they give you LIVE and FREE customer support by both online chat and by phone. I’ve used both and I can’t believe how great it is. (When’s the last time you had a good customer service experience by phone???)

Anyway, I’m as a big a research geek as there is and I can tell you I’ve tried and looked into everything… Aweber is #1. AND, all the top guys like Ryan Lee and Matt Furey use them (both those guys just switched and they have over 200,000 subscribers EACH).

In closing, don’t just go with a company because they’re a few dollars a month cheaper… it’ll cost you in the long run.

For more information on what to use for autoresponders check out my post on my personal autoresponder series that you can swipe and use.


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