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Screen shot 2013-07-31 at 12.18.36 PMThis S3 Exclusive post alone will more than pay for your S3 Membership, and to be honest these 7 resources realistically saved me over $5,700 last year alone! I hope you’ll refer back to this post when searching for the best resources for your fitness business and for when you’re looking for a great service that will save you a lot of money while improving your clients’ lives. And, knowing that these are the exact resources I use in my studio should save you the time, money, energy, and frustration of playing the “trial and error” game of deciding which company to use. Enjoy!

Hi S3 members!

I’ve been waiting quite awhile to write this post for you…

The reason is that I’ve been experimenting with a lot of new companies and resources in order to find out the ones that will give you the most “bang for your buck.”

I picked these 7 Resources because I wanted to choose the ones that most fitness businesses purchase every few months and will always need for their businesses. I provided some obvious choices, some old favorites with examples, and a few fun new ones.

(Please always feel free to add any of your favorite resources and links in the comment area below!)

7 Resources to Save $700+

1. Hemingweigh Balance Pads

Screen shot 2013-07-31 at 12.08.12 PMHemingweigh what?

Hemingweigh who?

It has a strange name, but don’t let it throw you off…

These are the same exact pads as an “Airex,” but they are EVEN better.

The reason they are better is that the don’t slip on the floor. They have a rough foam service, which is great for non-slip and they wear better.

Anyone who’s ever used Airex pads knows that they “crack” after about 6 months of use. This obviously makes them look worn out and not very appealing for a high end service provider.

BUT, the best part of the Hemingway pads is that they are 1/2 PRICE of the Airex.


Better pad + less money = Great deal!

Keep in mind here that this particular resource isn’t just about the half price deal… it’s about using Amazon.com, Perform Better, PowerSystems, and other companies to constantly search out the best prices for the same products. A 15-minute search could save you hundreds of dollars on ordering functional equipment…

Savings: $120-$140/year (2 pads + 1 replacement per year)

2. Pixlr

Screen shot 2013-07-31 at 11.56.49 AMHaving graphics created is a must for your online website and offline marketing materials. We all know that… but that doesn’t mean we like paying the designer fees every time we need an edit or image made.

The alternative is purchasing Adobe Photoshop for over $600 and then teaching yourself how to use it (which may take weeks to just reach an amateur level).

The good news is that I’ve found a great new program that takes all the essentials of the $600 Photoshop and makes it even more intuitive. This means you can easily edit images, create graphics, design web banners, and much more. It’s actually a pretty cool program to play around with when you have a graphic’s idea.

The best is… it’s FREE!

Pretty cool hook up, right?

Just go to http://Pixlr.com to get started.

And, if you’ve nevr (get it ; ) seen a graphic design program before here’s a video tutorial I thought would help you:



(This video tutorial is great because it teaches you how to create a custom graphic or banner in under 10-minutes!)

Savings: $600 on photoshop or $50 per graphic
Yearly Savings: $600-$1,000+ minimum on various graphic design projects

3. Printing

Screen shot 2013-07-31 at 12.02.38 PMBy now I really hope you’ve seen many of my most used guerilla marketing materials.

A lot of fitness business gurus talk a big game, but very few IF ANY, actually use any offline marketing in their business. Sure, they know how to do SEO (which changes monthly), and buy FB and Google adwords, but they have never really done true guerilla marketing.

To be honest, most businesses are afraid of it… and with good reason, since they lose money every time they purchase marketing. BUT, that’s only because they have no idea how to create an advertisement for their marketing material.

We routinely place doorhangers within a mile radius around our studio and always get 1-2 new clients from it (about 500-2,000 doorhangers handed out at one time). That may not seem like a lot, but it’s a $200 investment that gives a return of around $10,000 a year (plus, we have our CPTs hand them out for free to build their business).

Not bad…

I’ve always said you have to do something “extra-ordinary” in order to get extraordinary results.

Offline marketing is a big part of my business for branding, client attraction, and being known as the go-to person in my city for all things health and fitness.

(I also do a lot of online work, but that does NOT help with branding us as the #1 resource in town.)

The bottom line is that I highly recommend getting rack cards, an Aframe, doorhangers (if you live in a city), and business cards (with a coupon on the back for a free “x”). This is a great starter set that will cost you less than $1,000 and should easily pay for itself with just a few new client sign-ups. (This is all explained step-by-step in the marketing S3 DVDS – watch them again!)

My private coaching clients love them, and I have no doubt you’ll eat them up too.

By now, you hopefully already seen the preferred printers I recommend (they’re all listed un der the Resources tab).

In the US, hands down, NextDayFlyers is the BEST! The absolute best quality and prices. No local retailer or print shop can touch their prices. It’s like 10 cents a rack card, or less… insane.

I get paid zero by recommending them and I only share this resource with my private coaching clients and S3 Members because with prices this low it’s a game changer – literally anyone can now afford to get high-quality professional marketing pieces!

To be honest, I spent THOUSANDS of dollars more than I had to the first few years of running my business, all because I didn’t know about this hidden gem of a company. (I’ve also found them for Europe, Canada, and other S3 Member countries – Just look up NextDayFlyers and compare the products I use with your local countries product).


Savings: Thousands a year versus regular print shops

4. Ink Supply

Screen shot 2013-07-31 at 12.09.31 PMWe spend over $300 a month now on ink. It’s absurd, and for that price we could just buy another printer every month…

BUT, it’s a necessary evil when you are signing up new clients every month and they need their new client welcome packets. Also, with 8 CPTS and over almost 1,200 sessions a month we print out a lot of client programs…

These are all good problems to have, but again, it costs us a lot of money in ink. So, we’re always on the search for better deals and ways to save money.

These are the 3 online company we’re currently using and it saves us about 50% off typical retail prices. I’d definitely recommend checking them out, and of course, doing a 5-minute Google search for even better prices…

Inkjet Superstore


Amazon (you may have heard of them ; )

Savings: $140 a month ($1,600+ a year)


5. Turn PDFs into Word?

Screen shot 2013-07-31 at 12.10.40 PMEven if you can just save yourself 2 hours of a graphic designer’s work by making some minor edits to PDFs in Microsoft Word (or PDF Editor) then you saved yourself $100.

And, as I’ve said before, although it’s not perfect you can convert the Smart Studio Systems PDFs created in Quark Xpress or Adobe Photoshop into Word docs using this program.

Check it out below and just make sure to click the circle that says “do not make my files public.”


It’s the real deal – enjoy!

Savings: $100+ a year


6. Water – Atlas Distiller

Screen shot 2013-07-31 at 11.44.20 AMWe used to pay $5.99 per 5 gallon jug and we went through 1+ a day (easily). That’s about $180/month in free water for our clients (we do charge for water bottles – please read the post on that and how you can literally make HUNDREDS of dollars a month profit just by providing that service!)

By renting the water distiller (looks like a droid), I only pay $55 a month and it includes free filter changes from the company.

The company I use is “Atlas” and they are all over the US. However, these same systems are in Europe, Australia, etc.


Also, keep in mind that every new client gets a studio water bottle, so they have the option of bringing it every session to fill up at the water cooler. This allows us to not have to provide paper cups, which is bad for the environment and creates a huge mess of trash.

This water system also does hot water, which is great for making tea or any other hot beverage.

Savings: $130.00/ month ($1,400+ a year)


7. Fitness towels

Screen shot 2013-07-31 at 12.04.02 PMSome client’s would love towel service at your facility, but washing and drying thousands of towels per month is a huge expense and is unnecessary. So, what we do is supply every new client with ONE Stephen Cabral Studio towel.

It’s a fresh, clean, professional towel (smaller than a bath towel, but larger than a wash cloth). They are welcome to bring this every session to wipe their forehead or whatever it is people do with gym towels (I use my shirt ; ).

You can see my whole S3 Post on this at:


And, if you want to go right to the company website and check out the towels (at a great price!) go here:


(Company name is Rally Towels)

This company also says they will beat anyone else’s offer, so you can’t lose!

Savings: About $200 a year


Total Savings = Approximately $4,300+/year

In total, from just these 7 resources, I easily saved over $5,700 last year alone…

That means if you save $5,700 or more like I did, you made $5,700 MORE profit!

Remember, any costs you can cut without sacrificing service means more money in your bank account at the end of the month…

I hope this S3 Exclusive posts helps save you some serious cash and further propels you on your way to adding another “0” to your income statement!



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