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This post is dedicated to making your dreams of securing an emotionally and financially stable career in the fitness industry a reality. It’s a tribute to those who have set a goal, worked their plan, and are now living their dreams. It’s also a testament of how you have the very same opportunity to make a name for yourself in this industry and enjoy the same success. Why not you and why not now?  If you doubt yourself and your ability check out how our S3 Member of the Year went from $0 to over $141,250 in just his first year!

Today is an exciting day here at Smart Studio Systems because after just 1 year we already have so many fantastic success stories!

And, of course, we have one special success story that really stood out.

It was a story of how one trainer took a leap of faith to venture out on his own to do what he had always dreamed about.

He ended up opening the studio of his dreams with nothing to fall back on. His goal was to train youth athletes in small groups, but as I relayed to him on many an occasion sometimes you need to let your community tell you what THEY WANT…

I’m going to let our Smart Studio Systems Member of the Year talk to you in his own words (and show you his great studio), but I do wanted to share with you some of the highlights from his FIRST YEAR in business.

* He went from $0 to $141,250 in just 12 months!
* He opened a beautiful athletic training center in his small hometown!
* He overcame his lack of experience and is now running his facility like a veteran industry pro!
* He’s developed 15 DIFFERENT revenue streams in his studio!
* He’s learned to outsource his menial tasks so that he can focus on his ‘heavy hitters!’
* He’s hired, trained, and developed a team under him!
* He’s using all the S3 Systems to continue to grow and develop his brand within his community for secure long term success!

So without further build up I would like to announce our very first S3 Member of the Year!

Smart-Studio-Systems_member-of-the-year2011 Smart Studio Systems Member of the Year

*****  Stephen Conca  *****

Owner of Conca Sport & Fitness of West Springfield, Massachusetts

Check out his amazing success story video below:

You can read Stephen’s Winning Essay by clicking the link below:

>>> S3 Member of the Year Essay

Here are a few other big tips that everyone can learn from Stephen Conca:

1. Diversify with 1-on-1 if you haven’t already done this yet

Although his plan was to develop small group coaching for youth athletes (which he has done successfully) he quickly realized adult personal training was going to be big. I encouraged Stephen to promote this heavily since he already had a captive audience of the youth athlete parents.

Now a year later adult 1-on-1 personal training is grossing as much as every other revenue stream COMBINED at 79,000+ a year.

Everyone always tells me that I’m nuts to continue to promote 1-on-1 sessions, but when you use my Smart Studio Systems and 45-minute back-to-back model you can really kill it.

All my bootcamp private phone coaching clients who begin adding 1-on-1 training end up adding at least another at least $100,000 a year in revenue just from that ONE source!

2. Multiple Streams of Fitness Income

Stephen is a bright guy and isn’t afraid to give things a shot. He implements quickly and that’s why he’s successful. He understands that not everything will be perfect right out of the gates and accepts that fact as part of the learning curve.

As a result, every time we did a coaching call and follow up I listened to him recount what he was adding to his growing business. We would talk about what steps to tackle next and how to tweak certain things to maximize their chances for success.

As I stated earlier Stephen Conca is now raking in income every month from these 15 STREAMS:

  1. Adult Small Group
  2. High School Hockey
  3. Clothing Sales
  4. Collegiate Summer Programs
  5. Equipment Sales
  6. Gift Certificates
  7. High School
  8. Middle School
  9. Nutrition
  10. Personal Training      ($79,019.6)
  11. Semi Private
  12. Sports Web Based Coaching
  13. Soccer Training
  14. High School Baseball
  15. Transformation Contest

3. Pure Determination, Persistence, and a touch of Stubbornness

Although Stephen Conca had been training for years he was new to opening up this type of a brand new training facility. As they say, “You don’t know, what you don’t know…

Most of the times this would scare the majority of people away. However, top performers don’t let inexperience stand in the way of their dreams…

Sure there’s going to be times where you doubt yourself – we all have those moments, but winners have a superior ability to give themselves a positive pep-talk to make it through the tough times.

Often times success is merely a matter of just pure determination with a big helping of stubbornness.

Stephen knew that he had to support his 2 kids and his family. There was NO way he was going to fail.

And that’s the bottom line.

When you ‘burn the bridges’ there’s no where left to retreat to…

I admire this quality and I couldn’t be prouder of Stephen’s accomplishment. I have no doubt he’ll break the $250,000 mark in his 2nd year and I look forward to hearing his progress, as well as all of yours in the Smart Studio Systems Community.

Congratulations again to this year’s 2011 Smart Studio Systems Member of the Year, Stephen Conca!

(*Feel free to comment below and congratulate Stephen Conca on his award – he deserves it! Plus, I will see if our 2011 S3 Member of the Year can answer a few of your questions if you have any.)


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  • Dario Dimakis

    Hi S. Conca,

    Congrats mate. How did u go with your goal did you hit the 200k figure? I hope so!!
    Inspirational : )

  • Terry Ford

    Excellent – and congratulations!

    What is your studio lease/rental arrangement Stephen? Costs + common fees and taxes?

    Hey Coach – speaking of which, what is your arrangement. I have found a perfect studio that was previously a womens 30 min workout facility that has been sitting empty for some time. It has conditioning area room as well as a studio for classes and is perfect for a PT business. No reno’s required. The drawback is the cost $12.25/foot for 2152 sq feet + another $8.55 in common fees + taxes (13% here in Ontario). Even negotiating down to $10/ft for lease with common fees and taxes that is alot of PT sessions. Not to mention insurance costs, marketing etc.

    • Hi Terry,

      While most people are open to sharing what they make each year sharing what you pay in rent, expenses is a little trickier…

      I can tell you from my experience that in Boston we pay $40-$100 a sq/ft.

      What I can tell you about your situation is that although the rent would be a good deal at $10/ft your additional expenses are high since it is zoned commercial.

      This is one of the reasons I like smaller studio spaces. My studio is under a 1,000 sq/ft and the overhead is much more manageable that way – especially starting out.

      I always say that if you can keep your overhead under $5,000 a month you should be able to make six-figures a year very easily. (Given that you have enough space for 1-2 other CPTs to train in your space).

      I manage to have 6 CPTs (including myself) training on 500 sq/ft of fitness floor – we just work schedules so that only 4 of us are in there at the same time…

      Hope this helps!

    • Steve Conca

      Terry – I don’t know your personal situation, but I can remember Stephen telling me how important it was to live close to the studio. I found a place literally .5 miles from my house, so not only can I spend more time training, I can also scoot home to be with the kids, spend time at their schools etc. I’m paying a little more for the space I’m in but it has been well worth it. Hope this helps.

    • I agree with Steve Conca.

      It used to take me 20-30 minutes to get to my studio and then I actually moved a few blocks away. This allows me the same benefits Steve has of shooting home for lunch, taking a breather, and being more productive by not having a commute.

      Plus, I’m a part of the community and I get to know all the local businesses which helps with joint ventures, etc.

  • I think it also goes to show that you don’t have to be a 25 year old with no family and no other commitments to follow your dreams.

    2 working parents, 3 young kids, and monthly bills just like everybody else…

    I think that makes what Stephen Conca did that much more inspiring for all of us. It really does prove that when you want something bad enough there’s really nothing that can stand in your path to making it a reality!

  • Dario Dimakis

    Yeeeeahhh Boi!!! This is rocket fuel for the community!

  • Robert Selders

    Congratulations Stephen!

  • Congratulations again Stephen and keep us updated on how you’re growing your business in 2011!