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It’s hard to believe, but 2010 is coming to a close in just a few short weeks. The amazing thing is that this marks Smart Studio Systems 1st official year helping fitness professionals all around the world to build the personal training business of their dreams! It’s also a privilege for me to be able to say that Smart Studio Systems is already the #1 Fitness Studio License in the WORLD with over 231 S3 members! And with so many fitness pros coming from all different walks of life I want to bring everybody together for our Member of the Year Contest. So let’s get right into how it will work:

Just like my studio body transformation contest it’s going to be based on a few key factors:

1. Your success story video

Just shoot a quick video of you using your flip cam or laptop camera and describe any adversities you’ve overcome, how much your business has increased financially, how much you’ve grown your business in scope and depth, what you now realize your potential is, etc., etc., etc.

I don’t want to give you all the ideas for your video – I’d like it to come from the heart and be about what you have and will accomplish.

2. The numbers

Although this S3 Member of the Year Contest will be based on much more than just how much you’ve increased your revenue or scope of your fitness business, I do want to know how much you’ve grown. Maybe you’re doing 2-3K more per month, maybe it’s 10K more per month, maybe you just opened your brand new studio, maybe you’ve saved up enough now for a studio, or maybe…

You get the idea.

So there you have it – straight forward and to the point.

Send in your success story video (just post it to YouTube.com and email me [at: support@smartstudiosystems.com] the link or send it over via http://yousendit.com), as well as your growth numbers by January 15th, 2011 and I will read over and watch every entry.

(I actually can’t wait… just like my studio body transformation contests I love seeing all the success stories and looking at how much everyone has achieved over just a year’s time!)

Please post any Smart Studio Systems Member of the Year questions you have in the comment section below and I’d be happy to respond back with details.

Summary of Details & Prizes!

1. Send in your success story video and progress report numbers

(not based on the numbers alone so everyone should definitely submit their success story!)

2. All entries due by January 15th, 2011

3. Prizes Awarded to Top 3!

* 1st Place Prize: 2011 Smart Studio Systems License Paid for in Full ($497 – $997 value)

– Your renewal fee will be completely paid in full for all of 2011 and you will be crowned the Smart Studio Systems 2010 Member of the Year!

* 2nd Place Prize: 60-minute Business Makeover Coaching Call with Me! ($497 value)

– I no longer even offer 60-minute private phone coaching calls so this truly is an amazing value. We’ll completely dissect your business from the inside out on this call and come up with at least a dozen ways that you can dramatically increase your income in 2011!

* 3rd Place Prize: 30-minute Fast Action Coaching Call with Me! ($297 value)

– I love my 30-minute private phone coaching calls because before we even get on the call I have you fill out a questionnaire so that I know exactly how I can help you best during our call. Once we get on the call we’ll get right down to business by answering your most pressing questions, as well as me offering you insights into how you can grow your business in places you probably didn’t even know existed!

I look forward to seeing everyone’s success story soon and I can’t wait to begin reigning in 2011 with a big bang for all Smart Studio Systems Community Members!

(Wait until you see what I have planned for S3 Members in 2011!)


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