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As promised here are the FitComXpo Bonuses to go along with the featured presentation, “How to Make $10,000 a Month in Just 10 Months.”


Please feel free to download and review the PDF of the presentation slides below:

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I will update this area as well as email you a link to the most powerful personal training business articles ever written (Plus, you can be sure they are based on real world evidence taken directly from my personal training business).


This website is currently operating covertly until its launch the 3rd week of September. It is and will be the #1 resource for serious fitness professionals – written by other serious fitness professionals who currently own and operate high 6-figure and 7-figure personal training businesses.

Literally, it’s taken hundreds of hours to develop and there will be NOTHING like it in the world.

I promise to email you the official link the day it launches (we will not be selling anything – the content is completely free!)


Many of you have asked what Smart Studio Systems is so feel free to click around this website and see the over 114+ business building tools that over 221 fitness professionals from al over the world are using to skyrocket their business success. The S3 Licenses are only open 2-3x per year so there is nothing to buy or reserve at this time, but you’re still welcome to look around the Member’s Site.

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(Even if you do not want to sign up to be on the VIP notification list be sure to check out the additional bonus video I put at the top of the page of how I was able to add “an extra” $36,960 in the last 4 weeks. It’s a pretty cool video that takes you through the steps of what I did and how you can do it too.)


As I said in the presentation, my “day job” is training clients, running my studio, and writing on health, wellness, nutrition, and exercise so any material you see of mine is what I’m actually doing in my business. Plus, you get to hear about all the updates on what worked (and didn’t work), so that you can cut the learning curve and not waste your own time or money. And since I’m always looking to hear about what you most want to learn please feel free to comment by sending my team and I an email at


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