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*** November 2015 ***

Smart Studio Systems Partners Launch Page
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Hi Chris!

  • On this page I will layout the emails to copy and send and which dates to send them for the November 2015 Smart Studio Systems Launch.
  • I’ve also attached images in some of the emails to help with click throughs (you can add them, or not, as you’d like).
  • It’ll be very straight forward – here is the sequence:


Email Schedule


Week 1: Content Only Emails w/affiliate link credit


1st Email (Content – Video #1 email for sequence)

* This one email will give you credit for any sales from that point on…

2nd Email (Content – Video #2 email for sequence)

3rd Email (Content – Video #3 email for sequence)


Week 2: Content & Sales Emails w/NEW Fast Action Bonuses to Increase Sales!


4th Email – 7th Email

8th Email – Last Chance

9th Email – Offer Ends Today



Emails to Copy, Paste, and Send


Intro Email (*Optional)

(* This can be inserted as a blurb in part or one of your regular emails)

Subject: Quick Heads Up

Email body:

I thought you should know about this…

I know you’re getting ready to coast into the weekend, but I just found out something I think you’ll be interested in hearing…

Coach Cabral, the guy behind the “Most Profitable Fitness Studio in the World” is CLOSING Smart Studio Systems FOREVER.

Why is this a big deal?

Because this is the only complete fitness business coaching system that includes everything Coach Cabral did and continues to do to run TWO 7-figure studios!

BUT, before he retires from business coaching to concentrate back on his studios he is offering a 3-part video series that literally outlines the 3 MAIN FACTORS that allowed him to DOUBLE his business in 12 months.

He is happy to share this free content with my readers, but after that he is going back underground and working on opening up a 2nd location.

His free content is better than most paid products out there and the cool thing is you know it works since he uses these systems everyday in his 7-figure fitness business.

Like I said, this is one of those times when you make it a priority to look for this videos and soak up what he is teaching. (I’m looking forward to it myself.)

Anyway, I just wanted to give you the quick heads up and I’ll send you more information on Monday when he gives me the go ahead…

Have a great weekend!

– Your name


2nd Email

Subject: This will Double Your Fitness Business Income in 12 Months

Email Body:

This is insane.

I got a sneak peak at Coach Cabral’s new 3-part video series detailing the 3 MAIN FACTORS that allowed him to DOUBLE his business in 12 months.

And, it’ll work for you too

It’s more real world, usable content, then you’ll probably find anywhere else.

He literally shows you how he went from around 500-600 sessions a month (still pretty good ; ) to over 1,000 sessions a month – every month.

Did I mention he is doing 7-figures a year in TWO locations?

Did I mention his studio fitness floors are less than 497 sq/ft?

Yes… That is ridiculous.

Do you think you can learn something from the guy that runs the “Most Profitable Studio in the World”?

Well, after testing and re-testing his business growth strategies he has decided to pay it forward and share with you the TOP 3 FACTORS that allowed for 80% of his success.







Click the link below to copy his success:

==> Learn How to DOUBLE Your Fitness Business (1ShoppingCart affiliate ID)

* The only caveat is that the content will only be up for this week and then he is heading back underground to continue duplicating his success in his 2nd location.

I highly recommend you check out the 1st pure content video today before it’s taken down:

==> Learn How to DOUBLE Your Fitness Business (1ShoppingCart affiliate ID)

(Spoiler alert: The first video (FACTOR #1) will help you pin-point exactly where you are losing money in your business and how to maximize missed opportunities – It’s a can’t miss…)

Enjoy the free FACTOR #1 video now and don’t say I never hooked you up!

==> Learn How to DOUBLE Your Fitness Business (1ShoppingCart affiliate ID)


– Your name


PS. It’s not often that you get the opportunity to learn from someone who does over 1,000+ sessions a month and multiple 7-Figures a year… don’t miss this opportunity to see what he does differently:

==> Learn How to DOUBLE Your Fitness Business (1ShoppingCart affiliate ID)


3rd Email

Subject: (Factor 2) Too Good to Be to True?

Email Body:

You may be skeptical about this one…

(I know I was the first time I heard Coach Cabral talk about it.)

But when you see the video, he makes it crystal clear how ANYONE can use his simple formula to create a $100,000 fitness business, or ADD another 100K to their existing business.

In my opinion, this video is even better than yesterday’s…

I’ll let Stephen take the reigns from here:

The bottom line is this…

Almost nothing has done MORE for my fitness business than what I’m about to share with you in this video.

It has allowed me to literally add 33% more money to my cash flow.

And best of all it happened overnight.

Yes, it sounds to good to be true.

Except for the fact that it works every time…

And, I’ve outlined exactly how it works and what you need to do to make it happen.

As a bonus I added a real world example in the video of how you can (and should) make $115,920 a year working just 5 hours a day while taking 4 weeks vacation a year.

I know, I know…

Again, it sounds to good to be true.

Except, again, this can be your reality if you follow my proven formula:

==> How I Added 33% More Income Per Hour Overnight (1ShoppingCart affiliate ID)

Check out the free coaching video at the link below now (it will be taken down after this week) to see FACTOR #2 in how I was able to DOUBLE my business and break the 7-figure mark within 12 months:







==> How I Added 33% More Income Per Hour Overnight (1ShoppingCart affiliate ID)


I’m going to open up the comments section on this web page and would be happy to answer your questions today.

I’ll talk with you soon and don’t miss this powerful video on how to ADD 100K to your business:

==> How I Added 33% More Income Per Hour Overnight (1ShoppingCart affiliate ID)


– Your name


PS. Wondering how the heck you can work 5 hours per day (weekends off + 4 weeks vacation) and make over $115,000 a year? Find out how now:

==> How I Added 33% More Income Per Hour Overnight (1ShoppingCart affiliate ID)


4th Email

Subject: The Final Factor Revealed (True Financial Independence)

Email Body:

I want to share a secret with a you.

I’ve been in this business a long time. (Maybe too long ; )

And, in that time I’ve seen a lot of businesses start strong and even hit amazing numbers in terms of sessions and monthly revenue.

What you may not know is that very few, if any, of those business have any “staying power.”

What I mean by that is they may look great on paper because they ran a “daily deal” and brought in a bunch of money or they did some trial program to spark sales, BUT the money never lasted…

This is exactly the type of business you DO NOT want.

It ruins your reputation and puts you in debt.

The good news is that there are a few true fitness businesses that you can and should model since they’ve been doing it successfully for many many years.

And, each month is very consistent.

That’s really the key to financial independence and security.

You want to be able to sleep easy at night knowing exactly what you’re going to be making that next week, month, or even year.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to plan for the future knowing your safety and security were already taken care of?

Well, it really can be more than a dream… you can create a fun and profitable business just like the one I mentioned.

You can generate monthly income on autopilot and without the stress or headaches.

Everything doesn’t always have to be an uphill battle…

To see what I mean, just click the link below to watch the free coaching video:







==> Don’t Miss the FINAL FACTOR to Doubling Your Fitness Business (1ShoppingCart affiliate ID)

It outlines the ONE thing Coach Cabral did to ensure consistency every month and create “The Most Profitable Studio in the World” generating TWO 7-figure fitness businesses.

Trust me, you can learn from this:

==> Don’t Miss the FINAL FACTOR to Doubling Your Fitness Business (1ShoppingCart affiliate ID)

And, if you implement the easy and straight forward system he has developed then you will be able to enjoy the same benefits he has in being able to know each month that you’ll never have a dip in pay.

Some may say, he saved the best for last with this video…

This is the FINAL FACTOR he used to double his revenue in 12 months, so I hope you enjoy the video and taking notes as much as I did.

This is also the last week the videos will be up so don’t delay in watching in them!

==> Don’t Miss the FINAL FACTOR to Doubling Your Fitness Business (1ShoppingCart affiliate ID)


– Your name


PS. This is the FINAL FACTOR and the video details how to make a CONSISTENT income month after month after month – it’ll be taken down this weekend so don’t miss it!

==> Don’t Miss the FINAL FACTOR to Doubling Your Fitness Business (1ShoppingCart affiliate ID)


5th Email

Subject: You Decide (True Story)

Email Body:

This is going to sound pretty strange…

(But it’s a TRUE story from one of our own.)

Sometimes when a person is so passionate about something they stop caring about the money.

Let me explain…

About 3 years ago Coach Cabral debuted Smart Studio Systems (hyperlink with partner code), which literally lays out for you all of the offline marketing, online marketing, business systems, and money saving resources he uses to build “The Most Profitable Studio in the World.”

His S3 members get EVERYTHING he uses on a daily basis in his business.

Obviously, his Smart Studio Systems License became quite the success and went on to become the top selling fitness studio license with over 300 S3 Members.

So, what did Stephen do?

He shut it down.

He literally closed the doors, so that only those who got in in time were able to use the material.

It also meant he left hundreds of thousands of dollars on the table by not opening it up again (it’s been SOLD OUT for months now).

Why would he do this?

He told me he’s simply not interested in the money and he wants to focus the majority of his time on working with clients and on growing his offline health & fitness business. (He loves working with clients too…)

There are many who would call him insane for not opening up his Area-Exclusive S3 Licenses more often. (I’ll let you decide…)

But then again, he really doesn’t need the money…

Anyway, there’s a reason why I’m sharing this story with you.

The BIG Reason

Coach Cabral is closing Smart Studio Systems permanently when the last S3 Membership is Sold Out!

==> (Check Smart Studio Systems now for how many are left) (1ShoppingCart affiliate ID)

The reason is that he has opened a 2nd location and is devoting all of his time to his true passion of helping others reach their health & fitness goals. And he’s set a BIG goal for himself…

Now that he used his Smart Studio Systems to create a SECOND 7-Figure fitness business in just 12 months, he’s moving on once again. But, before he does, you have the chance to copy his success.

Don’t You Want This Success to Be Yours?

Here’s the truth…

Even if you don’t hit 1,000 sessions a month or create a 7-Figure business in 12 months like Coach Cabral, wouldn’t you be happy with an extra 100K income stream?

Or, wouldn’t it be great to just add another 100 paid session a month?

Even if you only made $30 profit per session, you’d still be giving yourself a $36,000 pay raise for the year. (That’s more than most fitness pros make in a year!)

And, I look at adding just 100 sessions per month (only 12 new clients needed – just 1 a month!), as the worst you could do if you follow the Smart Studio Systems proven success formula.

But, after the week is up (or when the last S3 Membership is Sold Out), the doors will be closed indefinitely.

Believe me when I tell you that this is NOT another $47 eBook…

It’s NOT another membership site…

And, it’s NOT some over-hyped marketing product…

It’s the real deal, and it literally gives you exclusive access to all of the proven marketing, business systems, and money saving resources from “The Most Profitable Studio in the World.”

Plus, if you’re 1 of the 20 to get in you’ll get his $2,000 VIP Seminar 11 DVD set walking you through his million dollar fitness business model!

The Catch

The catch is that he only allows ONE S3 Member per location (zip code and radius).

That means it’s either you, or your competition, that is going to be using these 7-figure business builders…

The great news, however, is that he’s made the price exceptionally reasonable for what you’re getting.

Basically, if you get just ONE client over the next 12 months it pays for the entire Smart Studio Systems License!

And, if you can’t get ONE client from the over 200 Exclusive S3 marketing and business systems’ posts in the Smart Studio Systems Member Area, then you should probably switch careers ; )

Seriously, who can’t learn at least ONE thing and get ONE new client from the guy that brings in 7-figures a year from each of his two locations on less than 500 ft fitness floors?

Watch Your Business Take Off

A more likely scenario is that you’ll put the area-exclusive S3 information to good use in your business and watch your income and brand take off over the next 12 months.

If you’re ready to take your business, brand, and bank account to the next level this is the way to get you there:









==> Lockdown Your Area-Exclusive S3 License and Free 2K Bonus! (1ShoppingCart affiliate ID)

Don’t miss out on this opportunity because there’s only ONE available per location (Internationally as well), and in less than ONE week (or when all openings are SOLD OUT) the doors will be closed FOREVER.

This is one you’ll be kicking yourself on if you don’t get in the last time…

==> Lockdown Your Area-Exclusive S3 License and Free 2K Bonus! (1ShoppingCart affiliate ID)

– Your name


PS. I take every recommendation I make to you very serious, and without a doubt, I can honestly say this could be a game changer for you. If you invest in Coach Cabral’s System and use his tested methods this could be your turning point… Now is the time to control of your future.

==> Lockdown Your Area-Exclusive S3 License and Free 2K Bonus! (1ShoppingCart affiliate ID)


* I recommend adding in the bolded subheads as shown since this is a longer email


6th Email

Subject: Back by Popular Demand

Email Body:

Wow… I’m not easily surprised.

And I kinda knew the response to Coach Cabral opening back up Smart Studio Systems would be impressive, but I didn’t know this would happen…

(More on this in a second.)

Since the demand has been so great and Coach Cabral really is closing Smart Studio Systems to new S3 Members after this week, he wanted to give you one more coaching video for free.

This one of his MOST POPULAR video ever!




The video reveals the 5 ways Stephen uses his “Multiple Streams of Fitness Income” to diversify his program offerings and as a result bring in more clients each and every month.

Check it out now before it gets pulled again:

Now back to the overwhelming response…

Stephen has a limited amount of box sets of his $2,000 VIP Seminar event that he was giving away to the 20 new Smart Studio Systems Members to sign up.

Well, those limited spots are almost SOLD OUT!

I guess it’s not too surprising considering you’re only investing a fraction of that for the 2K DVD set and unlimited access to all 200+ S3 Exclusive Member posts on how to copy the success of “The Most Profitable Studio in the World.”

PLUS, you get free coaching inside the Smart Studio System Member’s Community area whenever you ask a question – and Coach Cabral answers it himself!

(This is unheard from a high-level coach that charges $250/hr…)

Unreal, right?


I’m telling you… this is an unreal deal for a limited time only.

My suggestion – get in TODAY.

Why wait and possibly miss out on getting the $2,000 box VIP Seminar DVD set?

(BTW, this VIP Seminar is so PACKED full of his top-secret business formulas that he doesn’t even sell it anywhere – the only way to get this VIP 11 DVD set is to become a Smart Studio Systems Member today.

==> Don’t Miss Out Today – Secure Your S3 License and 2K VIP DVD Package! (1ShoppingCart affiliate ID)

And, you do not want to lose your area location to your competition that may use these 7-Figure Fitness Builders against you…

Better yet, you should be looking to grow your own business each and every month and this is THE SYSTEM to show you how.

Take my advice, get in today…

==> Don’t Miss Out Today – Secure Your S3 License and 2K VIP DVD Package! (1ShoppingCart affiliate ID)


– You name


PS. An opportunity like this does not come around often. And in this case, this week may be the last time ever to become a Smart Studio Systems Member! Get in now before the doors close…

==> Don’t Miss Out a 2nd Time – Secure Your S3 License and 2K VIP DVD Package! (1ShoppingCart affiliate ID)



7th Email

Subject: For Best Results Start Here

Email Body:

I thought you should read this…

It’s coming straight from the same guy that doubled his fitness business in 12 months and now has two locations doing 7-Figures!

Best of all, it’s a Stress-Free Success Model

Basically, you should copy this to begin building your fitness business, or use the formula to grow your business as large as you want to (it’s up to you how big you want it to be).

Before I let Coach Cabral share his 3 steps of where to start for best results, you have to check this out..

It’s from one of our own and it’s what everyone is talking about right now:

“Hi Stephen, I just wanted say your first video on assessing how much you are making an hour is without a doubt the BEST piece of business advice I have ever rec’d! Sure I’ve done 1 on 1 coaching, but that 1 piece of advice changed my business overnight! I have gained 6 hours of free time just by assessing and moving some clients around to maximize my time! THANK YOU!”

– Peter B

Don’t know what he’s talking about?


You can find the limited-time free coaching videos here:


There are really only 3 steps to building a fitness empire.

That’s it.

You can make it more complicated (and believe me, MOST DO), but why not take a deep breath, relax into the process, and already know you’ll be success if you follow this 3-part formula?

And, since you’re a reader of this newsletter I’m happy to share them with you on the house…

So enough chit-chat, let’s get started!

STEP 1: Get Your Hands Dirty

The nice thing about my position in life right now is that I don’t NEED to sell a product, take on new coaching clients, etc. – It’s an interesting position that actually allows me to speak the truth and not care if I turn some people off.

It’s not that I don’t want your love ; ), but I can’t help those not willing to do any work…

So, as part of Step 1 what I have my Smart Studio Systems Members do is quite a “novel suggestion.”

I ask them to work.

I ask them to build up their own clientele first and make sure they can pay the bills. I want them to be making at least 100K a year before they start to hire and cut back their training hours (if they want).

Blasphemy, you say?

Look. If everything in your business went to crap and all your team members left you and all you were left with is you and your own 100K personal training business you’d still be alright.. Right?


So what I’m saying is that take care of your own needs first and then you’ll never have to worry about paying the bills again – no matter what.

That’s how you (and I) sleep easy at night.

And, since I’ve taught a million videos on how EASY it is to build a 100K business in under 100 days (with just 17 clients), you should do this.

Step 2: Hire a Team Member

I remember working for generic health clubs back in the day.

It was so bad. So bad…

They’d hire 3-6 trainers a time, train us all, and then push us into the water to go find clients on the health club floor.

What an awesome model to build trust, comradery, and of course help a trainer build a long-term career, right?

Absolutely not.

It was a nightmare.

Maybe you fared better than I did, but I jumped ship pretty quick.

The great thing is that I have those memories of being treated poorly at health clubs, and now when I hire a new CPT, they’re my “team member,” not piece of meat.

AND, I only hire ONE fitness pro at a time, so that I can ensure they build up their clientele quickly and that all new leads go to them.

Isn’t that what you would want?

Damn skippy.

Always Try to Better Your Best

So once I hire this new CPT, I unleash the floodgates (my Smart Studio Systems marketing formula) and let the leads poor in.

I’m not kidding.

Our last 3 hires were booked at 120 paying sessions a month by the end of their 6th week.

That’s a far cry from me wearing a silly purple t-shirt at a health club that says TRAINER on the back. (actually mine was worse – it said STAFF.)

Ok, so at the end of step 2, you now have your own 100K training business, PLUS you are making a percentage of each session your new CPT completes.

That means you’ve added somewhere around 30 – 60% more income to your monthly bank statement.

If you did Step 2 twice you’d likely have DOUBLED your business, right?


Can you guess what Step 3 is?

STEP 3: Do More of STEP 2!

I told you this was a simple formula for growing your fitness business.

I find it hilarious when people ask me how I made the jump from a 6-figure to 7-figure fitness business ; )

I always answer, “Well… I did more of the stuff that got my first team member built up. And then I did it again.

And again.

And again.


You get the point.

Please, keep in mind I’m not down playing this at all.

It’s EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that you build a solid foundation when growing your business.

As I’ve said before, I’ve seen many a fitness business grow to great heights and then come crashing down.

They simply lacked the proper systems, management, key hiring processes, key training processes, and the ability to run a team as one cohesive unit.

But, once you have the know-how, the sky is the limit.

You can literally grow your business as large as you want it, or stop whenever you’re at a point where you’re content.

For me, it’s never been about the money.

It’s not that I don’t like money (I do), it’s just that I like goal-based competition, helping more clients in my community, and watching my new hires create successful CAREERS that they can be proud of in this industry.

I love all aspects of training and business.

And that’s why I plan on DOUBLING my business again in the next 12 months.

Why not set a real goal for yourself and join me on this mission?

You can do it and I WILL show you how if you’d like me to.

Are You with Me?

==> Click here to Join Me Today! (insert 1SC Affiliate Link)

Let me show you how to skyrocket your fitness business.

No games. No gimmicks. Nothing fancy.

Just 200+ S3 Exclusive Posts on how I do EVERYTHING in “The Most Profitable Studio in the World.”

==> Check out ALL the Exclusive S3 marketing, business systems, and resources here! (insert 1SC Affiliate Link)

Plus, you get free Q&A in the Member’s Area – over 1,000 comments! (insane free S3 Member coaching deal)

AND, if you’re one of the FINAL New Smart Studio Systems Members to get in today you’re going to get my $2,000 VIP Seminar 11 DVD Set mailed to you at NO charge!

You will NEVER see this deal again…

==> Don’t Miss Out – Get Your 2K DVD Bonus Now (25 Only)! (insert 1SC Affiliate Link)

The S3 Licenses are also AREA-EXCLUSIVE, which means it’s either yours to use or your competitor’s.

I hope it’s yours.

Of course, Smart Studio Systems is NOT for everybody.

Do you still remember STEP 1 from today?

You must be willing to actually implement what I teach you.

I will hold your hand through the process, but I won’t do it for you.

I also don’t have any tricks or “black hat” type stuff.

Everything you’ll discover is above board, honest, and trustworthy. This is how you build a solid, long-lasting brand in your community.

This is also how you build an emotionally and financially rewarding fitness business you can be proud of – and one that allows you to sleep easy at night.

I already have this and I’m extremely grateful for it.

It’s now time for you to experience this.

Join me today, collect your 2K Bonus VIP Seminar DVD Set, and join me inside the Smart Studio Systems Member’s Area!

==> Secure Your Location and Get Started Today! (insert 1SC Affiliate Link)


(Sign off with your name)



8th Email (Only X Openings Left)

Subject: Don’t Make This Mistake

Email Body:

Even the top fitness pros make this mistake.

I know I’m guilty of it as well…

I’m not sure why we all do it, when the answer is always right there in front of us.

A Simpler Alternative

What I’m talking about is choosing to walk down the “Road of Headaches” instead of opting for a simpler alternative.

You see, everything you’re looking to accomplish right now has already been done to a great extent.

Yet, we continue to go it on our own thinking we can do better and trying to re-invent the wheel.

Seriously, do you know how much time, money, and energy you could save by just modeling some other successful person that is already doing what you want to be doing.

There simply isn’t a FASTER WAY to success than this. (So stop looking ; )

Want to sell $10,000 a month in eBooks?

Find someone that is selling at least that much and model their business.

Want learn how to train football players?

Intern with or study one of the premiere football strength coaches.

Want to build a consistent and reliable 6-figure, or even 7-figure fitness business?

Get the blueprint of a fitness business owner doing that right now.


Ideally, you want your mentor or program to be taught by someone doing 2-10x what your immediate goals are. This is a BIG tip, since that mentor will have already gone through the “inventing the wheel” process and knows all the pitfalls you’re about to fall into.

A great coach or proven system is worth 100x what you invest, since you’re going to spend that money either way…

You’ll either pay someone to save you the frustrations, time, stress, and wasted money that comes with the “trial and error method,” or you’ll find out the hard way how expensive that really can be.

AND, since most businesses NEVER make it off the ground in the first place it’s crucial you actually go in with a PROVEN plan for success. (Unless you like losing money…)

My recommendation is that you cut through the clutter and save yourself a decade of trial and error by modeling “The Most Profitable Studio in the World.”

Why wouldn’t you?

If Coach Cabral can demonstrate how he makes 7-Figures a year on 500 ft of fitness floor, I’m sure you can use it to make another 6-figures a year…


==> Get “The Most Profitable Studio in the World’s” Blueprint Today!

The Catch

Here’s the catch…

Coach Cabral is CLOSING the doors  FOREVER to his Smart Studio Systems when the last S3 Membership opening is gone.

Seriously, there is NO way in after that…

You owe it to yourself to at least read over what you’ll be receiving and check out the 200+ S3 Member Exclusive posts on ALL his marketing, business systems, and money saving resources.

(Side Note: the money saving resources alone pay for your entire S3 License!!!)

Trust me, all of us make the mistake at times in our life of taking the hard road to success. Today, I’m telling you that you no longer have to… Learn from “The Most Profitable Studio in the World”

==> Reserve your location today before it SELLS OUT! (insert affiliate link)


(sign off)


PS. With over 200 S3 Member posts you’d be hard pressed not to find ONE that doesn’t cover your entire investment. Plus, just ONE of the new clients you get from using Coach Cabral’s Smart Studio Systems pays for EVERYTHING (it’s a fantastic deal that wont and it’s almost SOLD OUT)!

==> Reserve your location today before it’s GONE! (insert affiliate link)





9th Email  *** LAST DAY ***


** 2 EMAILS BELOW ** Close Strong with $200 per sale commissions!

(Send out in AM – Closes at Midnight PST)

Subject: Personal Recommendation *time sensitive*

Email Body:

I’m going to keep this email short and sweet:

After reviewing everything, this is the BEST $1.91 money can buy.

Seriously, for $1.91 a day, you get a MILLION Dollar Fitness Business Blueprint.

It sounds ridiculous just saying that!!!

==> ACCESS the MILLION Dollar Business Blueprint here ! (insert 1sc affiliate link)

This is NOT a franchise.

You get to keep your own fitness business brand and then use Coach Cabral’s PROVEN 7-figure marketing (online and offline), business systems & tools, as well as tons of money saving resources in your business.

This is the BEST of both worlds!

You train how you want to train, but implement the systems of a proven model that will not only help you GET MORE CLIENTS, but also simplify your daily operations (paperwork, payroll, hiring, etc.)

==> Save Yourself Time, Money, Frustration, and Stress! (insert 1sc affiliate link)

Last thing…

There are ONLY X Smart Studio Systems Licenses LEFT!

Once they’re gone they are GONE.

And, Stephen is PERMANENTLY closing Smart Studio Systems to new S3 Members in 2015!

If you don’t think getting COMPLETE ACCESS to the entire blueprint of “The Most Profitable Studio in the World” is worth $1.91 cents a day then you I’m not sure where your head’s at…

(What’s a better investment for your business: your daily coffee that you can make at home, or this Million Dollar System?)

Listen… just ONE new client pays for the entire Smart Studio Systems License (No royalties and No monthly memberships).

There is no decision here!

Don’t make the wrong move and pass this opportunity up, or worse yet, allow one of your local competitors to get access to this 7-Figure formula…

Now is the time to take your fitness business to the next level!

==> Get FULL ACCESS to this 7-Figure Formula for just $1.91 a day! (insert 1sc affiliate link)


(sign off)


PS. The doors close TONIGHT at midnight EST or whenever the last X S3 Licenses have been sold. After that Smart Studio Systems is on LOCK DOWN and only accessible by new and current members. You deserve to be a part of the S3 Community:

==> Don’t miss out – Get Started Now! (insert 1sc affiliate link)



2nd EMAIL to send out in the afternoon:

Subject: Served Up on a Silver Platter

Email Body:

I don’t want to say I told you so, but…

There are only 2 Smart Studio Systems Memberships left!

==> Get 1 of the Last 2 Now! (insert 1sc affiliate link)


  • Want a MILLION Dollar Blueprint to skyrocket your business? DONE
  • Want a PROVEN marketing system to get as many qualified leads as you can handle every month? DONE
  • Want every business tool used by “The Most Profitable Studio in the World”? DONE
  • Want to learn how to hire, interview, pay, and build your team? DONE
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… And, there’s another 195 more EXCLUSIVE S3 Posts like those.

Plus, there is NOTHING else like Smart Studio Systems in the world. It is an exact replica of how Stephen runs his 7-figure businesses on 500 ft fitness floors.

But as I said, there are ONLY 2 Area-Exclusive Smart Studio Systems License left and then the doors are closing indefinitely!

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Sunday, June 15th

Subject: My Farewell Speech (ONE Last Secret)

Email Body:


My Farewell Speech (ONE Last Secret)
By Coach Cabral, CSCS

It’s been building for quite some time now…

I even debated about giving away this one last secret today (disclosed below).

But I’m glad I did and now I can say good-bye with a clear conscience.

After this Thursday night (or when the last 100 Smart Studio Systems Licenses are gone) I’ll be taking a year off…

The only thing I’ll be doing is taking care of my current and new Smart Studio Systems Members and staying locked in on making my 2nd location a HUGE success.

Let me share with you WHY I have to do this:


Here’s how I’m different.

I don’t jump from product to product…

Or, from new strategy to new strategy…

Now, in a world where we have the latest and greatest program of the week, this may seem hard to believe.

But, I’m telling you this is a big part of my secret.

(This secret would allow me to open a fitness business ANYWHERE in the world and have it up to 6-figures in 120 days or less.)

Bold statement, yes I know…

But, I plan to prove that over the next 12 months and you can hold me accountable to it.


Now, here’s the full secret to my success:

You CANNOT move on to the next project until you first MASTER your current one.

When I sign a new lease, take on a new hire, or launch a new product, I take on new responsibility. Of course, that new responsibility, always has to have a big upside (financial and emotional gain), or I wouldn’t take it on.

But once I pull the trigger, IT’S GO TIME!

That’s where I’m different.

I don’t’ think of anything else.

I LOCK ON to ONE ultimate success goal.

I wake up with that ONE new project (business, new hire, product, etc.) on my mind, I keep it there all day long, and I go to bed thinking about what I am going to do tomorrow to move me one step closer to my goal.

I don’t create formal business plans, BUT I have dozens of simplified sheets in front of me showing me my break even numbers and then the profit potential.

Visionaries call this “the Law of Attraction.”

Athletes call it “the Zone.”

Fighter’s refer to it as seeing “blood in the water.”

Call it what you will…

I don’t waste time trying to figure out what it is. All I know is that to be successful beyond your wildest dreams you need to let go of everything that isn’t absolutely necessary in order to create TUNNEL VISION.

Just like a race horse, you should only be looking 100 yards straight ahead of you.

I’m telling you with this mentality you CANNOT fail.




Because if you fall down, you recalibrate, get back on your horse, and sprint forward again.

Oh, what’s that… you fell again.

Get back up and start riding faster!

You see, it’s fine to invest in dozens of offline and online products, BUT there comes a time when you need to take ACTION.

Eventually you need to implement ONE good marketing plan, ONE good business systems plan, and ONE killer set of resources to save you money.

Of course, you can eventually branch out, but NOT until you master them…

This is why I give my Smart Studio Systems EVERYTHING ALL-IN-ONE.

I give them ALL my marketing.

ALL my business systems (download everything)

ALL my money saving resources.

You get it ALL.

Stop looking for something or someone to come around and hand you a golden ticket. I didn’t come from a long line of personal trainers and I’m sure you didn’t either.

If you want something in life – take it!

If you have the DRIVE to be great, I can help direct you to greatness.

That’s all there is to it.

If you want to stand out and take your fitness business to the next level, then do that.

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I’m closing the doors for at least 12 months to Smart Studio Systems this Thursday night. After that time, anyone that hasn’t gotten in has to wait until 2014 (if ever?) for new S3 Licenses to re-open.

Now I’ve got to go practice what I preach and CRUSH this new location!

Let’s spend the next 12 months together building up both of our business into something we can look back on and be proud of.

If you’re with me, click here to get started! (click here to get started = affiliate link)

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