Private Seminar DVD Bonus Material

On this page you will find the slides I used for my 2-day VIP Private Boston Seminar covering every aspect of building and growing your own highly profitable fitness business.

Please keep this page private and enjoy the bonus material (the slide outlines are great for printing and taking notes on)!

And… I’m sure i don’t have to mention this, but the DVDs, presentations, and all else associated with the Smart Studio Systems material are for your exclusive use only. Just had to reiterate that…

Now enjoy!



Build Your Brand

“How to Build Your BRAND & Become the Go-To Person in Your Community”


DVD 2 and 3

Fitness Marketing Done Right

“The Science of Successful Fitness Advertising & Marketing”
-Part 1 & Part 2



Creating the Perfect Client Conversion System

“Restructuring Your Message -> Market -> Lead -> Client Conversion System”



Automated Referral Generator

“How to Create a Never Ending Stream of New Clients”



The Psychology of Success Stories

“How to Get, Use, and Create Inspiring Client Success Stories”


DVD 7, 8, and 9

Turning Complimentary Sessions into Clients

“How to Close EVERY Client that Walks in Your Door”
– Introduction + Part 1 and Part 2


DVD 10

Strategic Growth Business Plan

“How to Realistically Add $10,000 Every 90 Days to Your Business”



Tour of My Private Training Studio

“Step Inside and See The Most Profitable Studio in the World”