Check Out What You’re Going to Get in 2011 as a
Smart Studio Systems Member!

(Plus, in this video you’re going to get a glimpse of about half of my private home library which I’ve never shared before today… do any of the books look familiar?)

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Here’s a recap of what’s coming in 2011 for Smart Studio Systems Members:

1. Another full year of exclusive use of all S3 marketing materials and systems!

2. Securing your training location in your city for another full 12 months!

THE Live S3 Seminar (you HAVE to see this!)

THE Live S3 Seminar (you HAVE to see this!)

3. My $2,000 MUST SEE 10 DVD VIP Seminar (see video for details)

4. BONUS Studio Tour DVD of “The Most Profitable Studio in the World!

5. New Monthly “Look Over My Shoulder” screen capture videos of how I run my private training business and do over 700 sessions/month on a 500ft fitness floor (making over $50-$70,000 just from studio personal training alone)

Some examples include:

* The exact step-by-step formula of how I get a lead from advertising, where that information gets sent to, how I respond, how I book the comp session, how I follow up, and how we close almost 100% of our prospects through pre-selling.

* Another example many of you want to see is how I easily manage my EFTs and invoices from my entire training business in just 30 minutes ONE day a week (Monday nights).

* In each of these videos you’ll see me showing you how I do all of this step-by-step just as if you were in my office looking over my shoulder…

6. In just ONE year I posted over 120 S3 Member Only posts and answered over 400 of your comments/questions right in the member’s  area. In 2011 there will be even more updates, posts, Q&A, and remember whenever you have an idea for a post I get it done! All of this is in addition to the monthly S3 Member Only videos

7. I also have a few really cool surprises planned like complimentary call-in days, a new teleseminar based on your most pressing needs for 2011, and the big announcement of the 2011 Smart Studio Systems Seminar & Tour. (More details & surprises to follow)

8. This may be the best part… besides securing your location for another year and maintaining full exclusive use of the S3 Marketing Material and Systems you get to renew at the ridiculously low Charter Member prices of what you signed up for.

9. AND, if all that wasn’t enough you’re going to get a complimentary 15-minute Fitness Business Makeover Phone Coaching Call with me! (since my phone coaching program is completely sold out for the rest of 2010 this is a BIG Bonus and it’s the only way to get on the phone with me personally!)

You’re pretty much getting…

Smart Studio System VIP 11 DVD Seminar

Smart Studio System VIP 11 DVD Seminar

…a $2,000 11 DVD set of the VIP private seminar on how to dramatically increase your income and develop a secure future in the fitness business, a new “product” every month with my “Look Over My Shoulder” how-to videos, and of course dozens of new marketing pieces, systems, and resources you can use to skyrocket your success in 2011. Plus, the private phone coaching call AND all the unannounced surprises as well!

I would conservatively estimate the value of all that you’re getting at around $4,000.00. (and you get it for about 10% of that!)

With an offer like this I hope you can see that it is my mission to make sure I help you to grow your business and keep it fun and manageable.

I’d love to be able to help you, answer your questions, and show you how to live up to your full potential this coming year.

Complete VIP Seminar DVD Set shipped FREE as $1,997 Bonus!

Complete VIP Seminar DVD Set shipped FREE as a $1,997 Bonus!

And if all of this sounds like a fair deal to you then you can renew early and get your DVD set mailed to you before 2011 hits (this way here you’ll be prepared to strike!).

Just send an email to with the subject line “RENEW” and a quick sentence letting us know if we should just use the same credit card as last time. If it is a new card you can just email us the card # and expiration or my assistant will send you a link to take care of it online.

(And don’t worry about renewing early – you WILL still receive a full 12 months from the date you originally signed up and not the date of this payment. That means even if you signed up in February of 2011 or later you can still renew now and just add on another 12 months to get all the DVDs, etc. – As I mentioned before these are a MUST SEE).

* If you were at the VIP Seminar or were one of the bonus winners during our last S3 License opening you will get these mailed to you regardless of if you renew early or at your renewal date.

Here’s the email address again where you can renew your Smart Studio Systems License or ask us any questions:

(click the link above to send us an email or just use that address if the link is not working)

I can’t wait to get started on my own training business in 2011 (I have a new published book coming out that I’ll tell you about later!), as well as to help you double or maybe even triple your income this year like some S3 Members did in 2010!

Committed to your success,

Coach Cabral, CSCS, CPT, NS
Founder of Smart Studio Systems
Health Consultant for MTV, Men’s Health, Maxim, Dietcom, SELF, NutritionData

P.S. Nobody likes to talk about this part (including me), but if you decide not to renew in 2011 you will not be able to use any of the marketing materials, ad copy, headlines, systems, etc that you received as being a Smart Studio System License holder. This is the way Licenses work and it is illegal to use copywritten material with the consent of the Company (Smart Studio Systems).

P.P.S. For the charter member price (and you can even split it into 3 payments) how can you not add at least one new client over the course of 12 months to pay for the entire S3 License! Isn’t it worth renewing just to make sure someone else in your area doesn’t get to use the proven systems?

P.P.P.S. If you don’t at least DOUBLE your investment I’ll buy back your S3 License and there will be no hard feelings… remember, I’m doing this for YOU.

Seriously, I’m not an online marketer and I make my living as a fitness professional training clients just like you. So therefore, I don’t need to create any wild hype or worry about making crazy profits through Smart Studio Systems. This puts me in a unique position to offer what I feel is an outstanding deal for the small investment that shows you’re serious about growing your fitness business.

And that’s it – hope to be sending you my Private VIP Seminar 11 DVD Set soon so that you can get started right away!

Again, just email with the subject line “RENEW.”

We’ll take it from there and welcome back to the 2011 Smart Studio Systems Community!

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